NMIXX is imitating NewJeans now

When Aespa was doing well, they released “O.O”

Now that NMIXX is doing well, they’re starting to changeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

For those who say they are not the same, even if the MV colors are different, the hairstyles, outfits, and freestyle choreography are all too similar to NewJeans

[+361, -456]

1. [+164, -19] From the beginning, NewJeans also followed the Y2K trend, but reading this post, I thought NewJeans was the creator of Y2K

2. [+119, -21] They don’t look similar at all, but seeing how you took screenshots as soon as the MV was released to bash NMIXX, you’re so dedicated

3. [+105, -8] Their vibe is different from NewJeans, right?ㅋㅋ

4. [+98, -17] In what ways are they similar to NewJeans??

5. [+69, -48] I’m not a fan of either, but it’s similar to NewJeans

6. [+48, -40] It’s similar to NewJeans

7. [+44, -14] So NewJeans imitated T-ara?

8. [+26, -6] NewJeans will be ruined by fans

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Lol, I’m glad ppl not buying these delusions

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100% this, already toxic as f


You stan bp…..


this site basically let you put any names. He/she might be once.


Not you forgetting to change your username 💀


I actually am 😂
StayC is like my 2nd choice, then BP


1. [+164, -19] From the beginning, NewJeans also followed the Y2K trend, but reading this post, I thought NewJeans was the creator of Y2K

And you are not going to deny that NJ viralized the y2k aesthetic more last year, this flop group saw that trying to copy Next Level did not work for them that is why they are trying to make a friendly concept plaguing NJ with their haircuts and clothes, but that group will always live on the flop because they have no identity and their songs are horrible, you will never be NJ, flop 🙂


in which part NMixx O.O sounds like aespa releases? if you are referring to the mixed genre, it’s been a thing ever since before aespa debut. this young dumb stupid MV just a pre-release, not the title track.
with or without NJ, y2k trend will be big anyway.


Did new jeans pull off the y2k style? Nope, they look cringey and messy.


8. [+26, -6] NewJeans will be ruined by fans

FR they fans are getting more annoying day by day


they are sounding like min heejin actually like damn they really eating up her interviews 😭 cause they’re starting to sound like her


Young, dumb,stupid ugly ass song

Saint Seungri

ditto song RATATATATA 🙂 cringe


What is this blink behavior 🤣🤣




You spelled blink wrong


just the other day exols been shitting on armys for a head gesture and a fucking hat 😭


army: I do nothing & get involved in stupid 💩


second to army


What is this Blink obsession? 😂 Even blinks are relevant in bp antis’ life.😂😂😂


this is just pre-release track , not a nmixx’s fan but I keep up with gg releases and only nmixx’s title track leaving up to their concept I believe. Their last cb have Dice as the title track and Cool as the b-side and Cool is nothing like the mixx genre.


Cool will be forever my favorite song from them. Not that i dislike Tank, O.O and dice, i like those 3 songs as well and it’s on my spotify playlist, but i will always have soft spot for Cool.


8. [+26, -6] NewJeans will be ruined by fans

most 4th gen groups tbh. Their fans are the biggest problem.

spicy spice

newjeans’ fans slowly gettin similar with blinks. accusing this, accusing that literally everyday.


Isn’t that army behaviour. bts paved the way tho


if you’re here since 2013 then you know damn well it’s the other way round, yg stans and sm stans has been ganging up on bts since forever , calling them plagiarism group even up until now 😪


but it’s true that bts paved the way


besides the fact that the concept is totally different, ppl rly be thinking newjeans invented y2k at this point


Nothing wrong with that, imitation is flattery. NewJeans is the best 4th gen gg ofc the other ones are inspired by them.


shut up trash troll


tf? Trolling would be insulting Nmixx. I’m not. Saying the clothing is inspired by another group is not disrespecting lmao


no they don’t look the same….


I don’t know why they are denying it. No it’s not a straight up copy but even I could tell they started sprinkling bits of new jeans in here and there. But this is par for thd course of JYP. They always try to replicate whatever is popular instead of thinking for themselves. The minute I saw that girls hairstyle (second photo) I was like like looks like Haerin of Hanni. They switching it up.

If you still want to pretend like you don’t get it, then think of it this way. If New Jeans never debuted at all what are the chances the stylist would have gone for a hairstyle like that? 100% she would have been doing a typical generic hair style like some pig tails or something. If you still want to argue look at every other content with Nmixx in it before New Jeans blew up. Is there even a single piece of content where she is wearing her hair similar to that? No. Okay, that’s the point then. New Jeans did not invent Y2k but it’s obvious after they brought it back and made it popular others started to follow bits here and there.

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Saint Seungri

nj copying blakpink, ditto ratatata part, stealers 🙂 nmixx better


being a kpop fan is a mental mental illness

aespa lifes too short
le sserafim fearless japanese version

the theme/aesthetic is the same. kpop just chases trends and idiots think that anyone who is the first to copy a pinterest board is innovative lmao

Saint Seungri

its only btass ratmys and hybe stans 🙂 copying, fake popylarity, paid streams, worst kpop zombies fans ever in kpop, its hybe-bighit style




they’re not copying New Jeans but it def feels like they’re chasing trends as opposed to creating a stronger identity. Girls got talent and charisma they just need a more solid presence in a saturated 4th gen gg.


but it does look similar to newjeans and aespa

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