NMIXX ‘Love Me Like This’ entered Melon Top 100 on release date

NMIXX ‘Love Me Like This’ entered Melon Top 100

99th place

It’s their first time entering Melon Top 100 on their release date ever since their debut

1. Listening to it while driving on the way to work is so interestingㅋㅋ

2. Kyujin and Jiwoo’s vocals are so good, I hope they succeed this time

3. The song is addictive

4. I like all the songs in the album

5. NMIXX has been singing well and performing well since their debut, so I know they’ll do well

6. I listened to the song with headphones, it’s amazing

7. I love this song so much, I keep humming it in the shower

8. I like this song, I hope they get better

9. The title song’s live stage

10. JYP, just pick songs like this, it’s really good

11. I listened to it while exercising and it was so good

12. The songs in this album are so good

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