NMIXX’s class can’t be tied to other groups of the same generation, netizens praise NMIXX for handling technical malfunction

There was a technical malfunction, but I prefer this situation of NMIXX…

While performing “Love Me Like This,” the audio kept falling out of sync-making it difficult for the members to sing on beat. The members eventually decided to ditch the AR completely

Watch their legendary video singing live while practicing dancing

1. They sing really well, they don’t have any holes;;;

2. They seem to have the best live singing among the 4th generation idols

3. I really want to go to their concert

4. They are really goodㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think NMIXX will do even better

5. JYP’s two girl groups ITZY and NMIXX keep improving their skillsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Lily is crazy, everyone is so good

7. They are all so good. They seem to have the best skills among the 4th generation idols

8. NMIXX is really good so I became a fan after watching the choreography video. The song is addictive and I hope it gets better

9. I like Sullyoon’s voice

10. How can their vocals be so solid?

11. They are the group that has both skills and faces

12. What’s the name of the member in the pink shirt? Her voice is so good

13. They are the best in the 4th generation. It is a class that can’t be tied to the live performances of other groups of the same generation

14. Sullyoon is a visual member, but her voice is amazing, she sings well and dances well

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My faves Jimin could never be like them even after debuting for a decade


like I said Jimin is the first thought that comes to these people mind, we love that, keep thinking of him while no one gives a single thought whether you’re dead today or tomorrow


as if jimin care if dead now🤭. You and Shug just stranger to him and he still bad at singing.


of course he could never be like them.😭 he will debut n1 on hot 100 soon meanwhile these girlies are flopping so bad because their fans are obsessed with bts !


Why bring the chart? bring the skills? show any video of his raw live, i know arpit couldnt do that. Poeple talking about live vocal, they talk about the chart. Embarrassing


Aww Jimin being on your mind every seconds. Careful, you might be too obsessed. That’s why you failed your real life


seems like nmixx the new token gg for people to stan now lol, damn been here since 2nd gen like I’m just so familiar with this pattern especially now that social media has been quite a big influence in music especially Kpop. It’s just the same usual cycle of patterns with different tools and period of times.

Being talented never stop these kpop stans from shitting on these idols anyway, you could be the Beyonce of Kpop and still getting dragged.

They’ll just use these idols to shit on other idols because you’re “trendy” and then once the said idols got into a controversy or makes a cb with a song that majority dislike ( majority being kpop twt) , kpop fans that always have like sheep mentality will collectively drop the group and mocking them every two months just like what they did to StayC.


Army use other gg as token to hate on other gg. so stop to worry about nmixx because jimin still sounds like a dead goat


Outsang Jimin


*Jimin outsang them & outcharted them 😂


Outchart them yes. But outsang? lol jimin cant even sing live without earpieces


Literally everyone has done something like this they are not special..


oh boy they will come to you 😂


not jimin tho


who cares they are flops and their songs sucks

I've wonyoung



who cares? jimin sounds like mickey mouse even goatsoo could enter melon top10 but pigmin cant chart better in his own country.


They have skill but not face, only sulyoon, jiwoo and haewon is pretty. The rest is ugly af


we are not talking about pigmin here

I'm a Fan, Trust Me.

Only after Jinni left. They were praise.


Can’t you losers just congratulate a group for their talent.


They don’t understand what talent is, because they are a bunch of losers behind the PC/mobile screen. 🙂

Last edited 5 months ago by Rizzmaster

Seriously they’re so underrated


Their weakness is they still don’t look like they belong to one same group

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