NMIXX’s class can’t be tied to other groups of the same generation, netizens praise NMIXX for handling technical malfunction

There was a technical malfunction, but I prefer this situation of NMIXX…

While performing “Love Me Like This,” the audio kept falling out of sync-making it difficult for the members to sing on beat. The members eventually decided to ditch the AR completely

Watch their legendary video singing live while practicing dancing

1. They sing really well, they don’t have any holes;;;

2. They seem to have the best live singing among the 4th generation idols

3. I really want to go to their concert

4. They are really goodㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think NMIXX will do even better

5. JYP’s two girl groups ITZY and NMIXX keep improving their skillsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Lily is crazy, everyone is so good

7. They are all so good. They seem to have the best skills among the 4th generation idols

8. NMIXX is really good so I became a fan after watching the choreography video. The song is addictive and I hope it gets better

9. I like Sullyoon’s voice

10. How can their vocals be so solid?

11. They are the group that has both skills and faces

12. What’s the name of the member in the pink shirt? Her voice is so good

13. They are the best in the 4th generation. It is a class that can’t be tied to the live performances of other groups of the same generation

14. Sullyoon is a visual member, but her voice is amazing, she sings well and dances well

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