NMIXX’s outfits on Inkigayo today received divided reactions

These days, when I watch NMIXX’s videos, I often see comments from foreign fans asking the coordi to dress them better

1. Where did they get these clothes from?

2. I always feel sorry for NMIXX. They sang and danced well this time, but the outfits were disappointing

3. Looks like they went on stage in casual clothes on their way to work

4. Their outfits in the official MV are all bad as well

5. TWICE and ITZY dress well… but NMIXX’s outfits are disappointing…

6. They don’t look like stage outfits at all

7. Coordi, you should return your salary if you have a conscience

8. Wow, the clothes are so weird… I like them because they sing live so well, but why are their outfits always ugly?

9. I was shocked when I saw Sullyoon and Haewon

10. Haewon’s clothes are really bad

11. Out of all the idols, NMIXX’s outfits are the worst

12. They look like kids from the school dance club

13. They look even worse on stage, why are they dressed like that?

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