No, but what did SEVENTEEN do..?

Why are they suddenly this big?

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1. [+114, -5] It’s not sudden. They reached the top step by step

2. [+108, -6] SEVENTEEN got bigger step by step, this time they got a lot of fans from GOING, from performances, from China, everything exploded

3. [+86, -6] They keep getting fans… I also joined the fandom in 2021 but I feel like a lot of people keep becoming their fan. My concert seat, damn…

4. [+78, -2] A lot of people became fans thanks to GOING SEVENTEEN, AAA and Golden Disk stages

5. [+61, -2] I have become a fan. This time a lot of people became their fans

6. [+20, -4] Seventeen keeps getting bigger and bigger, it’s just that you don’t know

7. [+20, -2] They worked so hard, how could they not succeed?

8. [+15, -0] Aren’t they always working hard? These groups will succeed

9. [+12, -2] Once you see them on stage, you can’t help but like them

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I wish the mv is not like a perf vid. It’s good but lacking.


Wait for FML Mv release. This song is their 2nd title song, and focus on the perfomance, they always dreaming to show people this kind of perfomance.
And FML is the continuous from this song

It's whatever

It’s not sudden, they’ve growing steadily.
Helps a lot that they’re 13 and can appear on several TV shows, fashion gigs, photoshoots, etc without getting tired.


TV shows really helped


All their contents are so good and fun, all the members are so different and have their own charms that’s why all entertainer tv producers love them.
Their perfomance is so good and all of them can sing and dance and not lipsync.
Their ad-libs on every perfomance are always different and fun to watch. They really love their music and being on stage.
Their transformation on real life and when they’re on stage really amaze me. Why am i so late to know them better?!
They’re crazy! From new fans that always looking for their old video perfomance everyday

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hybe artists suddenly charting well after bts announced their military enlistment. what I’m seeing here is a manipulative company controlling everything behind the scenes


Or perhaps they just keep gaining more new fans and the gp love them. Get your fact straight. Its not like the ‘sudden jump’ is from #500 to #5, all of them climbing the ladder step by step.


as a fan since 2015, i’m just so happy with all the growth. Svt is such a fun group to stan bec there’s something about the group that stays pure and raw, like the spirit they have in performing never faded even after 8 years in the business. I also like that carats in general aren’ t making streaming and buying stuff feel like a job. While of course there are bad apples in every fandom, carats are generally chill and only really “competes” with prev svt records.


Hybe impact

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