No matter what Min Heejin says… ILLIT is already ‘world class’

No matter what Min Heejin says… ILLIT is already ‘world class’

ILLIT has been on the Billboard charts for 5 consecutive weeks, giving the green light to ‘lasting popularity’

According to the latest US Billboard chart released on the 1st, the title song ‘Magnetic’ of ILLIT’s first mini album ranked 8th and 21st on the Billboard Global (excluding the US) and ‘Global 200’ respectively, and stayed on the chart for 5 consecutive weeks

Min Heejin, CEO of ADOR, NewJeans’ management company, recently mentioned ILLIT, claiming that they copied NewJeans, but ILLIT rose to the ranks of global stars with their debut album

1. I have never listened to this song before

2. Overseas, although they know about NewJeans, no one knows about ILLIT… ;;; I guess you don’t know the meaning of world class..?

3. I walked in scared after seeing the title. Is this news?

4. I first learned about ILLIT thanks to Min Heejin

5. Damn, I feel sorry for the ILLIT kids

6. In fact, I don’t even know who ILLIT is or their faces

7. They think the public is stupid

8. Is it noisy marketing?

9. HYBE’s media play is awesome

10. Huh…?!!! Isn’t that world class like Beyonce, Whitney, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Madonna??

11. You mean their encore performance finally spread around the world?

12. Yesterday it was Zico, today it was ILLIT, tomorrow who will you use as a shield?

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