Nominations for the 2023 Korean Music Awards

Best K-pop Song

Best K-pop Album

Best Pop Album

Best Pop Song

Album of the Year

Song of the Year

Artist of the Year

1. Girl groups are amazing

2. 250 can get Artist of the Year

3. Wow, this is the year of female idols

4. NewJeans is crazy

5. What is the difference between Best Pop and Best K-Pop?

6. 250 is the name of the singer?? This is my first time hearing about it

7. This awards ceremony looks more professional than the Grammys

8. NewJeans’ popularity and music are amazing, I’m listening to Ditto these days

9. NewJeans is amazing ㅋㅋ I think they’ll get a lot of awards

10. Chanhyuk’s album is so good

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rooting for every girl groups that nominated in here


I think for best kpop song, the votes gonna split when its come to attention n love dive. N its may ended up with someone unexpected like antifragile or tomboy.


The antifragile sneak😭

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

You never know, this is the KMA, sometimes they dgaf what’s more popular on charts lol.


And nothing for bg.. As it should


Sorry it’s not the fans, it’s the gp that’s carrying ggs. Once the hype dies down u guys r going to cry


Keep crying


BTS ???


Ytc flopped domestically, that explains why


I think this is enough for you. At this situation, i hope you can realise this achieve of bangtan 🙏


The correlation??

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Is the most awarded Kpop group in the KMA, the only artist ever to win Musician of the Year for 2 consecutive years, and the only artist to win Song of the Year twice. They’re currently on a break from group activities but they’ve made their mark. No need to look for them lmao.


5. What is the difference between Best Pop and Best K-Pop?

K-Pop is considered idol music while Pop encompasses artists that aren’t actually idols but makes real music


The fact that 3 kpop songs are nominated for Song of the year shows that they make real music too

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Real music my ass. Kpop groups also sing about important matters and pop musicians in Korea also mostly sing about love, lost love, etc. Music is so subjective that classical music lovers would shit on those pop artists for not making real music too. So what now

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And nothing for BTS that’s why they lost at the grammys too, YTC is trash.
It should be embarrassing that even NewJeans is sweeping them


Meanwhile everyone else is trying to submit a req and get rejected. did you know bp is the first gg to get rejected 4 years in a row? I think you have other things to be worrying about


No other Korean song even got a nom ever, so either you want to show us how much common sense you lack or you’re a troll trying to set up NJ.

You’re being pathetic either way.


A grammy nominated trash. We say that: slay 🔥 Ytc is more successful than the careers of all the nominated singers.


U are BP fans. In different post, u were fighting with Newjeans fans, but now u are token stanning them to shit on BTS. Mind u, BTS have total of 22 KMA nominations with 2x Musician of the year winner and 2x Song of the year winner. BP? ZERO NOMINATION, and still no Grand Prize. The only thing u can brag is your metaverse award.


Idgaf about some group and I don’t like BlackPink so I don’t care at all but to anyone amazing the way even a new group pooped on the Grammy nominated song so embarrassing


🤣🤣🤣new group won daesang before BP, defending BP in every post suddenly “I don’t like BP” 💀

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Aww look at you denying you like BP, ashamed much?

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

BTS lost at the Grammys and they still have a title “Grammy-nominated” meanwhile your girlies are influencers whose musical achievements are most likely to be surpassed by Newjeans than BTS’ achievements lmao.


This sucks. What is this? I’m really curious. BTS has not received any nominations. Although BTS released Proof earlier and more successful than most nominated artists. They make it very clear that they are so afraid of the power of BTS. Fortunately, BTS owns hundreds of these cheap kpop awards 💀

spicy spice



Let the kids get something or their fans will whine saying it’s not fair or it’s rigged, anyway, the glow of the gg doesn’t last long, so let them enjoy this time. We’ll see who survives until Bangtan returns.


BTS ended

Spring Day

Bundlepink nowhere to be seen

spicy spice

so your fav. lol.


Busy with their sold out world tour, b0ts crying in the room corner over military enlistment as we speak

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Lmao your favs come back and then disappear for almost 2 yrs in YG’s basement so that’s similar to how long BTS will be in the military. Enjoy the world tour for now cause when Baemon comes out, who knows when your favs will comeback again. Even if they switch to TBL, basement still. Look at how Somi has vanished. Pray harder mwah.


no indigo?

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