Nominations for the 2023 Korean Music Awards

Best K-pop Song

Best K-pop Album

Best Pop Album

Best Pop Song

Album of the Year

Song of the Year

Artist of the Year

1. Girl groups are amazing

2. 250 can get Artist of the Year

3. Wow, this is the year of female idols

4. NewJeans is crazy

5. What is the difference between Best Pop and Best K-Pop?

6. 250 is the name of the singer?? This is my first time hearing about it

7. This awards ceremony looks more professional than the Grammys

8. NewJeans’ popularity and music are amazing, I’m listening to Ditto these days

9. NewJeans is amazing ㅋㅋ I think they’ll get a lot of awards

10. Chanhyuk’s album is so good

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