Now looks like only IVE and NewJeans can get #1 on Melon

They will take turns getting #1 on Melon this year

1. It’s not the opinion of the fans ️

2. I’m not a fan but I agree

3. I’m not a fan, but I think so too

4. Wouldn’t BLACKPINK be able to do it if they made a comeback as a group? Anyway, female idols do well on the charts

5. When female idols make their comeback in May, I think there will be more than one group that can do it

6. IVE and NewJeans are the most popular these days

7. If IU makes a comeback, her b-sides will line up on the charts

8. I’m sure there won’t be any kids here who can mock IVE and NewJeans

9. I wish another singer could do this…

10. I agree with you

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Taste that Pink Venom 🤮

Didn’t bp came back with shut down and pink venom and struggled to hit #1 on the charts?


So does bts and the member solo song lol. Yet to come hit #1 but free fall after a few days. Korean only like bigbang song. The melon uls hits 900k for the first after 3 years. Bts highest daily uls is boy with luv. So idk why you need to bring bp when both bts and bp are just same on melon for last year. Its 4th gen era now lol. Only iu and bigbang survive


I think they bring up bp because some of the comments by knetz above mentioning bp


Taste that pink venom is clearly a hater. With/without mention of bp, he/she will clearly shit on them.


to who are you lying here? 😂 iu’s latest comeback didn’t do well compared to her old songs , bigbang got a pak but saw a free fall after and their song is out of melon unlike bts & bp who still charting & jimin’s solo peaked at n3 on melon
also ytc & pink venom stayed stable for weeks not for 1 or 2 days only like you claim

Last edited 8 months ago by nawel

Since when iu is making a comeback lol. His last comeback is 2021 and all her song including bside charted on melon. So does ytc lol. Its already out of chart lol. Only pink venom is stable. Ytc is not that stable like yall claim. At least bigbang song stay no1 for a whole month. Jimin only peak at no3 during midnight and fall when gp is awake. And its embarrassing that he got beaten by jisoo lol


4th gen era? 😂 the 4th gen groups are flopping one after the other . only 2 ggs are able to chart since they still rookies and after less than 1 year they will flop . look at itzy & aespa the used to chart very well and now they are tanking


Excuse me, Aespa only debuted last 2020 and itzy on 2019. What are you on about? They’re still doing great!


Itzy literally peak on top3 during sneaker. Aespa is in top 10 lol. Yall praising bts solo for peaking on top20 melon but downplaying gg song for being in top10 melon lol. And dont lie that only 2 rookies when lesserafim, itzy and aespa are still charting on top10 melon. Nmixx also entered top15 melon. Baby monster debut are guaranteed to be a successful lol




BP got no korean promotions though, only like 1 or 2 inkigayo or something, not even a youtube show, meanwhile rookies have the advantage of curiosity and promotions


Pink Venom is simply not a high quality song. It was a huge mistake by Blackpink, IMO. It should never have been released before Shut Down because it tainted their comeback.

The difference between a Blackpink fan (a normal person) and a BTS fan (a person with mental issues) is that Blinks can admit when a song is not “OMG THE BEST SONG EVER”.

BTS fans will stream, buy, and defend any BTS junk song till the end of time because they have tied their fragile egos to BTS’s appearance of success.


says the fandom who bought 27 versions lmao 😂


says the fandom who listens to Mickey Mouse autotune song and bought 29 version lmao 😂


You are not wrong.


Jimin solo album is the proof that they will buy anything bts will release lol


Fifty fifty beat flopjeans in the UK. Melon are just visual company stans

Neutral AI

As an AI, I don’t have personal opinions or biases, but I can provide a neutral statement based on facts. IVE and NewJeans are both relatively new K-pop girl groups, and it’s difficult to predict their future success. While it’s possible for them to reach the number one spot on music charts and gain a large following, there are many factors that contribute to a group’s popularity and success. Ultimately, it’s up to the fans and the music industry to determine the level of success for these groups.

Kpop Boomer

Thanks Neutral AI, that was super generic and on-brand for you, lol


ive only gets #1 because of kakao owning melon


Thats not how it works lol. Kakao doesnt own genie, flo and other chart. Yet ive is 1st on those chart including youtube korea. They got perfect all kill so argument is not valid lol


Don’t you have a better argument? You guys always brought up kakao which is clearly not true.


You are embarrassing yourself

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