Now looks like only IVE and NewJeans can get #1 on Melon

They will take turns getting #1 on Melon this year

1. It’s not the opinion of the fans ️

2. I’m not a fan but I agree

3. I’m not a fan, but I think so too

4. Wouldn’t BLACKPINK be able to do it if they made a comeback as a group? Anyway, female idols do well on the charts

5. When female idols make their comeback in May, I think there will be more than one group that can do it

6. IVE and NewJeans are the most popular these days

7. If IU makes a comeback, her b-sides will line up on the charts

8. I’m sure there won’t be any kids here who can mock IVE and NewJeans

9. I wish another singer could do this…

10. I agree with you

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