Number of ad views of Aespa’s latest song in the first week of promotion

Based on August 27th promotion + actual number of views : 48.62M
Actual number of views: 6.91M
Ad views: 41.71M

1. There are a lot of ad views

2. I wondered why NewJeans had low views compared to their popularity, but turns out it’s normal…

3. In fact, a K-pop MV is considered good if it exceeds 10 million views in the first week

4. Their bubble is crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I’m jealous that they have so much money to promote it

6. This is a single for the US market but if you’re not a fan, most people won’t know that the song was released

7. SM is really weak overseas

8. I wonder how much they paid for 40 million views.. By the way, a new song came out?

9. Wow I’m a bit surprised that they couldn’t even reach 10 million by themselves

10. I understand why Lee Soo Man dreams of China

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