Official statement on plagiarism controversy of NewJeans’ ‘Ditto’ music video

“I heard that there is a controversy saying that NewJeans’ music video for ‘Ditto’ was plagiarized. I want to clearly state that it is not plagiarism. If there are similar scenes please understand it being of similarities in the genre. Thank you. – DOLPHINERS FILM Shin Woo Seok”

1. Similarities in the genreㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. This is hilarious

3. Genre?? Similarities?? How did you do it?

4. Everything is on Infinite Challenge though

5. Thanks for the explanation, but this is funny

6. Similarities in the genre? Variety show and NewJeans’ music video?

7. Where did these people find this?

8. By the way, Infinite Challenge is several years ahead of its time

9. NewJeans, are they in the same genre as Infinite Challenge???

10. It’s more fascinating that people were able to find the scenes

11. New Jeans and Infinite Challenge are the same genre!!!

12. I was surprised

13. It’s so funny how he even had to explain himself

14. No, but I’m surprised that Ditto was filmed by DOLPHINERS FILM

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Idk scene a person filming groups of people been done so many times, it’s also kind of the same theme as bts hyyh prologue lmao


knetz are dumb… I think the director’s statement about the same genre of the film that is the nostalgic vibes, 90’s , not the format of the media…. BRAINLESS HEADS




^^^Exhibit the prime example of brainless


This is so low but this site is full of company stans so they will come to defend the obvious plagiarism


Iam surprised at the anount of hybe stans in this site


yall a bit slow down here in the comments, this is literally just jokes

spicy spice

this comment section would be different if it was done by another companies lol


because it’s a joke, even the infinity challenge director have said so which is the point of their program anyways


ppl are slow here lol, this is a big meme joke in SK right now🤣


The OP said it was a joke but of course the dumb flop kpop stans are hanging onto it like a life jacket that will unflop their favs. Sorry but this is a meme kpop stans, try harder.


i take it as joke,, or just for fun tease 🤣


Isn’t new jeans concept about copying the past?

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