Officials of small and medium-sized companies are criticizing Min Heejin

Small production companies said, “Min Heejin’s incident, even when we discovered the ‘second NewJeans’, we still cried because we didn’t have 10 million won.”

The reality of the music industry is harsh. Most small and medium-sized companies can’t release albums because they do not have tens of millions of won

Mr. A, a production official, said: “If CEO Min wanted to do what she wanted, she should not have joined HYBE in the first place. In fact, when it comes to idol production, the amount of money spent out is very significant, educational costs such as English, food costs, labor costs, etc. Since we have to use two cars, there will be car rental costs, etc. Although the preparation time is short, it can reach hundreds of millions of won, and the costs for music videos, broadcasting activities, video content production, and management costs are huge.”

Another music official, Mr. B, expressed the opinion that it was difficult to say that Min had achieved all of this solely due to her personal abilities. She uses HYBE’s entire capital, including name value, full financial support, channels, and even promotions as BTS’s dongsaeng

Mr. B said: “CEO Min first made her name at SM. I wonder if she really started from a small agency and was successful. Looking at her current success, she used SM’s infrastructure, right? She used HYBE’s infrastructure, right?”

Mr. C, an industry insider, said: “CEO Min’s statement is absurd” and added: “Even with the discovery of the ‘second NewJeans’, there are still cases where small and medium-sized companies can’t do because they don’t even have 10 million won. In fact, who wouldn’t be able to create NewJeans if they received an investment of tens of billions of won?”

1. If you don’t have 10 million won, don’t even think about debuting idols. You don’t have the ability anyway

2. If it’s 10 million won, is it a monthly rent deposit? Where is your conscience?

3. It’s true that I don’t like HYBE, but that’s the truth

4. That’s right, if you only have ability, you can’t do it without money

5. In the first place, if you have talent like Min Heejin, why should you start your career at a small to medium sized company??

6. Should a company that doesn’t even have 10 million won close down?

7. You really think you could create NewJeans if you had the money?????

8. Even if you have tens of billions of won, you can’t create NewJeans unless you are Min Heejin

9. Even if HYBE had a lot of money, they couldn’t create NewJeans without Min Heejin

10. If you don’t have money to support them, don’t play with their dreams

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