Only 6 idols who performed concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium

Wow only 6 idols performed concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium…

1st generation: Hot, God, Shinhwa
2nd Generation: JYJ
3rd generation: EXO, BTS

There have been no new groups since then

1. IU, please hold your concert at Jamsil ㅠ

2. JYJ was a big hit

3. I went to JYJ’s concert.. It was a great memory

4. I went to God’s concert and it wasn’t a joke

5. Where was Big Bang?

6. Well, there weren’t any girl groups there

7. Didn’t TVXQ hold their concert there??

8. I went to BTS’ concert at Jamsil and it was legendary

9. I wonder who will be the first girl group to hold their concert in Jamsil

10. It was a great memory with JYJ.. I was there too ㅜㅜ

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2nd gen fans keep talking about how big the groups were but the only ones in the list are the ones who were outcasted by the industry 😂


They talk about Jamsil. It’s not the only and biggest stadium in Korea. Bigbang had their concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium and their concert was attended by 65K people, which is the biggest concert audience at once. Also TVXQ had their showcase at Jamsil which was attended by 50k people but netizens didn’t write it


What lies are you spouting? Jamsil stadium is the biggest stadium in SK. Google is free for you all.. 😓

Karina rocket puncher

Flop blackpink with sea features and blaccents could never only aespa can

yeah right

I smell racism

Legend bitch

Whities like you should not have the audacity to even talk


fun fact: BTS had the largest attendance at Jamsil stadium for the Speak Yourself Tour Final with 3 nights and over 120k attendees


Actually it’s not important if you lower the capacity and add more dates. What important is to gather the biggest audience at once


What happened to 2nd gen?? I thought they were super popular and were paving the way?


It’s just Jamsil. Bigbang had theirs at Seoul World cup stadium which is the biggets one


I have gone to a lot of idol concerts, but even after 10 years JYJ was still the best concert for me, it was almost all live singing (they lipsyinched 1 song). I still remember the chills i felt when they sang in heaven


Exoplanet Exor’dium of EXO won the best concert in 2017. The introduction with rave party was a legendary, looking forward for the EXO’rdium 6 concert soon.

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