Only 6 idols who performed concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium

Wow only 6 idols performed concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium…

1st generation: Hot, God, Shinhwa
2nd Generation: JYJ
3rd generation: EXO, BTS

There have been no new groups since then

1. IU, please hold your concert at Jamsil ㅠ

2. JYJ was a big hit

3. I went to JYJ’s concert.. It was a great memory

4. I went to God’s concert and it wasn’t a joke

5. Where was Big Bang?

6. Well, there weren’t any girl groups there

7. Didn’t TVXQ hold their concert there??

8. I went to BTS’ concert at Jamsil and it was legendary

9. I wonder who will be the first girl group to hold their concert in Jamsil

10. It was a great memory with JYJ.. I was there too ㅜㅜ

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