OP “I’m f*cking proud of BLACKPINK”

I’m f*cking proud of BLACKPINK

Coachella in real time

[+536, -81]

1. [+164, -13] Waving the Korean flag

2. [+115, -13] I got goosebumps, I’m so proud of BLACKPINK

3. [+115, -14] They really tore the stage.. They danced and sang live for an hour, and apart from cheering, I became a real fan

4. [+108, -12] 125,000 people

5. [+54, -79] Anyone who sees this will think it’s BLACKPINK’s solo concert but they’re just one of the singers

6. [+35, -5] How the hell do you see these people and call them influencers? Are there any influencers like that?… Since they’re BLACKPINK, they’re influencers too. The stage was crazy, Jennie’s live performance was crazy too

7. [+24, -3] BLACKPINK are just legends

8. [+22, -39] Looking at Blinks talking about this, people will think this is BLACKPINK’s solo concert

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not the first pic being not from blackpink….


What a military wife doing here ?


Its amazing that their biggest achievements is this lol. They really call jk a flop bcuz jk is not performing on coachella.. never know that coachella is bigger than a fucking fifa world cup lol


Bitch get a job


Nobody care about that flop world cup song since he’s not Shakira 🤣


K blinks are the same as International one’s. When knetz pointed out that its not only BP who performed there so the audience were not only wanted to see them, the commenter got many downvotes. But its THE FACT! Many others want to see performer other than BP. If its BP only, then their own concert would be brimming with the same audience. But, its not!

Ladyboy lisa

They can’t accept the truth 😭 just fkin downvote


It’s the fact that they’re the first “headliner” in coachella history to NOT close out the night. Calvin Harris was right after them & closed out the night.

The way bp’s crowd only had like 1/4 of fans, their celeb friends, & locals being hyped for their whole set while Calvin Harris had the whole crowd dancing tells me the crowd was actually there for Calvin.

Until bp closes out the night with that crowd from start to end, I wouldn’t be that impressed yet. However, I am happy they made a new milestone at Coachella and performed better there than at their own concerts.

cracked corn

this is too much, incredibly shameless
there are real achievements to brag about and this isn’t it lol


the first picture is literally older than blackpink….. this is so embarrassing…..

Ladyboy lisa

Blink so shameless, can’t even sold out the festival but claiming that’s all their fans 🤣🤣🤣

WhatsThe Point

Using the pic of somebody else’s crowd and using blinkstats as a source lmfaoo


Armys crying on every BP related post on pannkpop 😭 you are such losers help


And you’re crying over bp fake achievements, poor deceived fandom 😭


I remember when knets actually did reasearch and called out international blinks on there bs but seems they are delusional as well now believing anything with no proof


Koreans desperate for that female BTS clout. Bp just not giving

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