OP “I’m not bashing Jisoo but I’m asking because I’m really curious”

I’m not bashing Jisoo but I’m asking because I’m really curious

Am I the only one who can’t hear Jisoo’s voice?

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1. [+563, -278] Me too. Jisoo’s singing style and voice are the weak point of the song, but people still listen to it a lot, it’s weird… I’m tired of listening to her song because she can only produce one voice (other singers have diverse singing techniques)

2. [+543, -140] If this isn’t a post bashing her, then what is…? Just stop listening to her song

3. [+495, -263] I don’t want to hear Jisoo’s voice either… Especially in Kill This Love, there’s the ‘look at you look at me’ part, it’s really bad. Jisoo’s singing line is always similar to Rosé’s, so the difference is even more obvious. But the recent song is fine

4. [+491, -83] Personally, I think her voice is fine, right? If you can’t hear her voice, then don’t listen! Everyone’s taste is different, so no one is forcing you to listen to her songs

5. [+247, -49] There are a lot of people overseas who like her voice, if you hate her voice, then don’t care

6. [+160, -45] Me too

7. [+102, -38] Why can’t you hear her voice? I don’t understand kids saying they can’t hear Jisoo’s voice

8. [+94, -16] It’s okay if you don’t listen to her song.. Even now, 270,000 users listen to her song every day on Melon and it doesn’t matter that a few people don’t listen to her song

9. [+32, -8] Then don’t listen to her song

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