OP “Seeing Jennie makes me sad”

Seeing Jennie makes me sad

Among female idols, she has all the skills and is an all-rounder, but I wonder how much better it would be if she had the same passion for music as IU and Jeon Soyeon.. Seems like Jennie is pursuing the image of popularity rather than a singer..

[+48, -69]

1. [+56, -4] I feel the worst for the OP who feels sorry for Jennie but can’t grasp the reality

2. [+47, -6] Being a singer and being a celebrity, isn’t she doing both? Even now, she’s still on tour

3. [+45, -2] Even now she’s still a singer

4. [+43, -2] ? Now she’s a singer.. Who said she’s going to retire?

5. [+43, -53] She has the most controversy on stage, what skills does she have? Stop the bubble business

6. [+4, -1] She seems to be able to do what she wants

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