OP “To be honest, BTS Jin can’t sing, right?”

To be honest, BTS Jin can’t sing, right?

I just like BTS songs a little bit, and I can’t tell whose voice it is

I listened to Jin’s solo song for the first time today, but to be honest, I don’t like his voice

Isn’t this a song that only fans listen to?

[+279, -430]

1. [+244, -220] The fact that he can’t sing

2. [+190, -56] I love his voice so I keep listening to his song

3. [+183, -91] Are you a vegetarian? I’m eating delicious meat, but you go to a meat restaurant and tell everyone, “I hate meat!!” What is the difference between this and that?? Don’t criticize what others like, just listen to the voice that matches your taste. Don’t worry, I won’t judge your favorite voice

4. [+111, -172] The one who can’t sing is Jimin

5. [+97, -55] His voice is not a good voice to listen to

6. [+47, -18] He doesn’t have good singing skills, but I like the vibes in Jin’s voice

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the jisoo of bts 🫢


not u comparing silver voice thee Kim Seokjin with the dozen of dozens stiffsoo who cannot sing cannot dance and cannot pick up a pen to save her life,,,,,,,have some shame

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And then you wake up and stiff jin still can’t sing either 🤣🤣

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

he can sing and he sing with emotions.

But I wasn’t done…

Blinks getting brave when them hags are dragged with every new concert date for being scammers and dancing like crack heads. Not one of them girls can sing or rap. And Lisa dances like a white cheerleader and you in bts business??????


Your talentless stifsoo getting lump on her throat and struggling to sing songs with 1 or 2 lines but you here talking about jins vocal ability 💀


lmao as if hagjin doesnt get his vein popped during high notes 🙄


And then u go back to sleep to escape reality bcs its harsh & you cant handle it 😅

Jenia Parveen

& then you wake up & start creating meaningless hate towards BTS cz your life depends upon it… babe you’re a secret fan i see 👀👍🏻


and you are your mom’s unwanted child , such a waste of space ☝🏻


Considering this guy didn’t even want to be an idol in the first place nd as someone who didn’t know the first thing about singing before his debut, it’s such an achievement that Seokjin writes, composes nd sings his own songs…can u imagine jisoo doing that, blackpink members don’t even write their own songs…now guess who’s more talented ??
PS: The Astronaut topped iTunes in 100 countries nd broke Lisa’s Spotify record…u still gonna say he’s not talented??😆


Those who think that Jin can’t sing should listen to all Bangtan’s japanese discography.


Not a fan of Jin but saying he can’t sing is a bit harsh. You might not like his tone or style but he can carry his parts well enough to not sound like a dying whale. The Astronaut is a song where he sings at his comfort level. You don’t need to showcase your high notes in every song.


I think he has a good singing technique, but he might not be to everyone’s taste especialy because is too nasal and he sings with a lot of throat tension


He doesn’t have good techniques. Even their best vocalist of bts aka jungkook doesn’t have support either


he literally doesn’t have breath support …

アグネス ⁷

His voice doesn’t suit your taste doesn’t mean he can’t sing. He’s the most stable one at busan concert, nearly didn’t miss any notes, and he did it with his sore throat. Medias also praised Jin’s vocal after that busan concert.
And not to mention jin has the widest range of voice in bangtan, he can hit super high notes with his real voice.
Jin always being the underrated one because GP only knows bangtan’s vocal is jungkook and jimin.
This is only a troll post made by antis 😒

But I wasn’t done…

Idk about widest range…

アグネス ⁷

Jungkook is the one that confirmed it


lol Jhope was definitely the most stable one in the busan concert


Comment 3 has it. It’s an immature way to think and a rude/inconsiderate statement to make when you dismiss sm1’s abilities when they don’t match your preferences. But even objectively, Jin clearly possesses the technical skills for a singer.

I can’t help but think this is a troll post.


After the millitary issue resolved, people now trying hard to find another issue to continue doing the “BTS Hate agenda”. The hater woke up in the morning, instead doing useful things, they choose to keep them busy while watching BTS content to find something new that their gonna use for their disgusting agenda.
Hey hater, please don’t forget to also listen his other song in spotify, not just in melon or youtube. let me know your thought. And in order to give us a proper judgement, you should stream his songs for like 10 times a day. So that you can analyze more about his vocal 🙃,

and we can get more people to stream his song 😉😉😉

Lovely amy

At this point it looks like a bussiness post by some company 👀


hes literally the most critically acclaimed vocalist in kpop, yall just lying at yourself at this point, never got a bad review from actual music critics these bitter knetz need to stfu lmao


No he is not, why lie?

Jenia Parveen

Your “lie” isn’t the fact so why waste your time here babe??

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But I wasn’t done…

He can sing and his voice is very “Korean” so I’m surprised knetz are barking. Any his voice is praised world wide so like what are we doing here…

spicy spice



Yeah he cant sing for sh*t..just enlist and never come back..


It’s unbelievable how successful he is and how his voice scares you so much. Loved it ☺️


not even u believe that 😭 if ur bitter and angry just say that


the way this sad ppl try so hard to convince others BTS vocalists can’t sing make me think their lives seriously depends on it…like some gun is on their head to do so…


Lets be honest, none of bts can sing with proper techniques. Jin is one that just cannot sing, im amazed at how deaf people can be just bcs they like someone

Jenia Parveen

& am amazed at how dumb ppl can be for example you just because they hate someone


Of course, Jin can’t sing, that’s why Chris Martin asked him to perform The Astronaunt with him. Keep raving, loser.

Jenia Parveen

It’s funny how you don’t even know the insides of the story behind the song & still you say this…like seriously go & get a job fucker before you die

Lovely amy

I know YG staff wrote this.


None of bts can sing well or have good techniques, especially v and jimin. Both cracked their vocals many times and sing like dying whales

Jenia Parveen

You seriously need to get your ears checked! Hurry up go now loser before you die deaf hooman!


Honestly none of bts members have a good voice..the fact people never mention any of bts when talking about the best vocalist of kpop..and suddenly they are nominated for a vocal group category???..urghhh


you’re still crying for that category!?love it.


Yesss~ that’s the spirit! I love this sound! The sound of uols ugly cry over that category 😆 uols need to be louder


The vocal line can all sing stfu jobless losers.

BTS army forever

I just love all bts members and what are you saying that Jin can’t sing , no you are wrong have you listened moon or astronaut of Jin, omg they are just amazing . *Love you Jin*

shy ⁷ ★ 텐트 주인 ㄱㅅㅎ ★ seonhorangi. 키코캣 🐈

What do you mean he can’t sing? Just because his vocal colour is not your cup of tea does not mean that he can’t sing. He’s literally one of most stable vocalists within BTS besides Jungkook. Don’t get me wrong, the other two are great as well but if we’re talking about stability while singing live then it’s definitely Jungkook and Jin. I’ve never heard a single voice crack from him even once while singing live and I’m saying this as someone who has seen them perform live. & most armys who watches their concert would often say that they’re impressed by Jin’s vocals the most. Also ballads are where his vocals truly shine. So no, it’s not that he can’t sing, it’s more like his vocal colour isn’t your type. Which is fine but it’s ridiculous to say that he can’t sing. He is literally the belter of the group. They rely on his vocals for most of the high notes and adlibs.

Last edited 10 months ago by shy ⁷ ★ 텐트 주인 ㄱㅅㅎ ★ seonhorangi. 키코캣 🐈

Jin is not stable. He doesn’t have to dance, still not stable

Jenia Parveen

You better go & get a life before you die asshole


Who the hell are they to decide whose voice is nice who can sing he can sing and he sings so well you must have problem in your ears or in your brain go have appointment with doctor.


Tbh Jin has a beautiful voice all the members in bts can sing and harmonize…. YALL JUST SOUND LIKE SOME HATERS!!!


Imagine Crystal Snow without the triple high notes. Imagine Permission to Dance without the “We don’t need to wo~rry” vibrato. Imagine Epiphany, Moon and Awake not existing. Imagine Dimple without the staccato adlibs. Imagine only having Jimin doing the high “Fake Love” parts which would be really exhausting for him. Imagine not hearing his soothing vocals, high notes and adlibs in Dionysus, their Japanese releases (Your Eyes Tell, Let Go, Stay Gold, Lights), Zero O’clock, Jamais Vu, The Truth Untold, Magic Shop, We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal, Dynamite, Answer: Love Myself, Run BTS.

Yeah, see? It’s Jin’s vocals doing all the work.
He can’t sing? Wrong!

It seems that haters/trolls don’t have anything else to attack him for in terms of the enlistment so now they’re trying to attack his vocals instead. Which is real stupid.


The one who can’t sing in bts is Kim Taehyung. Jin can sing but his voice is so painful to ears, he sounds like yelling

Jenia Parveen

Your bullshit oxshit cowshit meaningless opinion is just your opinion not a fact so better Stay out of here & reflect on yourself before you judge others… you’re clearly a disgrace to your parents & this world & you’re just born to add more pollution to the world


Whoever is spreading hate here just know without knowing how to sing no one can be world ‘s top K pop bands singer and it’s not just the band each individual member has their own fandom and you should see how much Jin’s solo album makes ,just because the artist music and voice is not of your taste you can’t tell he can’t sing ..we are not judge of anyone’s talent here ,who are we to even judge are you a world famous musician or music related agency!


Well i will not judge your point of view but u should listen epiphany. all bts members voice are adorable both in group songs and individual songs


And you do?? What even is the point of this article?? You don’t even know the basics of singing and you dare to write hiding behind a screen about someone who’s voice is damn good and is loved by millions. I guess people do whatever to get engagement on thier articles and to get famous I guess. Before anyone talks about any singer I hope you consider how hard they work to be where they are now.


Why the hell are we degrading BTS and other artists….. They all can sing and are incredible performers …. It’s just if something is not suiting you doesn’t means it’s not good enough ….Jin has a heavenly voice and we Army’s are here for it ….and if you don’t find his singing good enough it’s okay but don’t compare because each one of the members is unique and superbly talented.


If I compared your voice to Kim Seokjin’s voice I am sure his will be way better 😑


Who are you to judge?? Thousands and millions of armies loves his voice and are healing becoz of that…Your worthless stupid opinion is nothing to us…All you can do is just hate on BTS and that’s all…Jin is a great singer and we all love his voice..His vocals are great


jin can’t sing, none of bts can so enjoy those twinks last moments before they enlist cause they’re not gonna survive that hahaha


Are you an NCTzen ?


Tbh, I am not ARMY but I really like BTS! I am very proud of all 7 members equally..
It is true that when I first heard Jin’s Astronaut I was a bit bothered by his lisp(?).
However, this is my personal opinion but wanted to share about how others might feel about his voice..? I am not a hater but just being extremely honest about my personal opinion. I absolutely love the song and I disagree that he can’t sing. I think he’s very talented. Just because you don’t like his voice doesn’t mean that he can’t sing lol that’s pure BS..

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Thanks for your honesty and respect


Ok but those who say none of the members can sing have clearly not listened to still with you (Jungkook) or Filter (Jimin). Also, haters be saying they don’t like Jin’s voice, but how come his parts in BTS songs are my favorites ??

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