OP “To be honest, BTS Jin can’t sing, right?”

To be honest, BTS Jin can’t sing, right?

I just like BTS songs a little bit, and I can’t tell whose voice it is

I listened to Jin’s solo song for the first time today, but to be honest, I don’t like his voice

Isn’t this a song that only fans listen to?

[+279, -430]

1. [+244, -220] The fact that he can’t sing

2. [+190, -56] I love his voice so I keep listening to his song

3. [+183, -91] Are you a vegetarian? I’m eating delicious meat, but you go to a meat restaurant and tell everyone, “I hate meat!!” What is the difference between this and that?? Don’t criticize what others like, just listen to the voice that matches your taste. Don’t worry, I won’t judge your favorite voice

4. [+111, -172] The one who can’t sing is Jimin

5. [+97, -55] His voice is not a good voice to listen to

6. [+47, -18] He doesn’t have good singing skills, but I like the vibes in Jin’s voice

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