Organic success. Jimin’s debut album ‘FACE’ continues to break records

All that despite zero playlisting on release day (and still no TTH appearance despite the numbers it’s doing smh), no collab, no featuring, hanteo’s sabotage, youtube’s usual sabotage, and the album only having 6 tracks. No one does it like BTS.

And don’t even start with “coMbiNed veRsiOns” when that’s literally normal and doesn’t even give the advantage you think it does, since the other version would otherwise have stolen streams and time fans would’ve spent on listening to the main version instead. Similarly it makes no difference if hardcore streaming fans put 10 Kor versions on a playlist, or 5 Eng and 5 Kor versions on one. It doesn’t inflate sht, it only makes sure the single isn’t cheated out of the streams it would have gotten if there had only been one language version. Not to mention it gives absolutely no advantage on charts outside of Spotify since they always combine versions anyway. Ariana, Shakira, Madonna, Blackpink and Itzy are just some of the names you might know who’ve also done it.

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It looks like it was written by a child


But facts


You should feel right at home then


Judging by the title they’re imitating the garbage user post before


It’s still true lol


Blackpink fans accusing NewJeans of “payola” because Spotify plays them their songs (which happens to every kpop fan who listens to kpop on spotify mind you! Even I got Blackpink songs autoplaying on mine), then seeing NewJeans get an organic entry on the Hot 100 because the song blew up on multiple social media apps (the Hot 100 which never happened to Blackpink mind you even with those 20m mls…)


Now they’re accusing THE BIGGEST GROUP ON EARTH AT THIS VERY MOMENT of payola.


let’s be real… newjeans and bp both use HEAVY payola and playlisting


The most embarrassing thing is the Jungkook solo stans jumping on this to discredit Jimin, as if we didn’t already have this conversation when On dropped. Releasing multiple versions of a main track from the get-go splits the streams, not boost them. It only boosts streams if they’re released days or even weeks after the initial release to re-spark interest/buzz.
Y’all can bet if Like Crazy only had 1 version it would still be cracking 8M debut streams right now lol

mother dozen

jungkook solos teaming up with blinks to trend hashtags against jimin and call him hybe’s favorite like 1. blinks haven’t been harassing jungkook since l&r dropped and 2. jungkook hasn’t been the victim of so many favoritism accusations. they’re so stupid.

mother dozen

why the dislikes? blinks’ dirty shits not feeling yalls hungry tummies anymore? daddy blinks started hating on jungkook again? free jungkook


Maknae akgae esp V n jungkook mainly are blink, eg @TheeBeyPink is JK akgae

mother dozen

theebeypink is a racefaking freak and jungkook solos and blinks are weirdos for not calling them out for it




i’m sorry but this site is so unserious. i’ve read more cohesive and insightful things on roblox 😭😭


Literally the shit I’ve seen them call idols on this sight, especially the women, are fucking disgusting. Even More So when you think about the fact that majority of kpop fans are also women. Even for idols I can’t fucking stand, I’ll never go as far as to spew the kind jealous evil tons of shit I’ve seen those femcels spout from their mouths. No amount of fanwars can ever make me act like I’ve lost my damn mind, but when it comes to Kpop fans losing their morals over idols is just another Tuesday. Still, it makes me wonder if most of these people aren’t 13 year olds from twitter.


This site is disgustingly toxic, and I blame the admins for allowing hateful user articles and comments. You don’t see the constant derogatory hate on other translation sites.


It’s 100% the admin’s fault and it’s disgusting how they’re enabling and actually encouraging literal hate posts.


FACTS and bitter blinks and threatened akgaes can keep crying about it. Especially the insecure jealous loser who made that previous article πŸ˜‚


I can’t with this site anymore lmao girllll get a diary or something before you came here and write something like this. Sounds like bitter pjm akgae trying to defend his numbers. Go back to twitter.

Last edited 2 months ago by Lol

There’s nothing to defend girlllll. It’s true the title track would be making the same numbers anyway if it only had one language version. Stop crying and get off twitter


There’s nothing to defend. We know ya’ll have been crying ever since Jimin dropped the album of the year. He is making history already. BTS always wins in the end.


it is not organic success. Even fool can tell.


fool= you


Touch grass.


Pajamas trying so hard lololol
We all know the truth

mother dozen

how does white twink cock taste? cuz that’s all yall jk solos have been doing like blinks won’t turn on yall as soon as he takes another record from their girls


Just say you’re obsessed with Jimin β™‘


You do know Dreamers had two versions that was combined too right?

Last edited 2 months ago by Pannkpoop

Please use your brain. It’s the same song, same version, same isrc code. Not a new song. First released as a single and then added into the fifa album. Still the same song. Just like Dynamite from single to BE to Proof.


Ya’ll Jk akgaes are such losers being this insecure of the success of Jk’s friend and fellow bandmate. Go outside.


Jimin Fans after Buying Bunch of adds for his flop song: …….Yess…Yess Organic Success 😜


if this thing was true then jimin would’ve hit 100000 billion streams by now

Bla bla

Well I agree with u , but u could have worded it a bit more professionally since it seemed more of a hit back to the the previous troll post rather than a actual one with clarity since there is alot of shady comments here .


Op could’ve definitely worded it better but spilled regardless πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Kudos for sticking to facts instead of conspiracy theories


Define organic


jimin πŸ’œ
stfup 500 playlists fan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I honestly hate user posts, but this user is definitely sharing only facts. The losers aka Jungkook solo stans and BTS antis in general can s*ck my d*ck.


organic my ass. his stans are caught buying streams

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