People are divided after a netizen revealed what Aespa Ningning looks like in real life

I’ve seen Ningning in real life before

She looks exactly like thisㅋㅋㅋ

I found this picture from Aespa’s concert

[+188, -70]

1. [+69, -92] You must have tried your best to photoshop it…

2. [+50, -29] I don’t like her because she’s Chinese, she doesn’t bow

3. [+44, -19] Freaking pretty

4. [+42, -33] Ningning, to be honest, I think she dances the best, so strong

5. [+37, -19] I’m a fan of Aespa, Ningning is my favorite member ㅠ Ningning is seriously so cute

6. [+26, -33] She looks a bit like Jennie

7. [+16, -11] But why does she look like an ajumma on TV?

8. [+14, -3] Ningning is really a scammer.. She can dance well, she has natural beauty, and her personality is so charming, but she even smiles all the time..

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