People are divided over whether ITZY is a visual flower garden or not

Isn’t ITZY a visual flower garden?

No matter which group Ryujin, Lia and Yuna are in, they will be the visual center. Yeji is pretty in an unique. It’s true that Chaeryeong is a bit behind compared to the other 4 but she’s not ugly at all

[+312, -382]

1. [+237, -129] I think Chaeryeong is pretty but I still don’t understand why she gets hate

2. [+194, -111] If you have a conscience, remove Chaeryeong. There are many commoners who are prettier than Chaeryeong

3. [+167, -56] ITZY is pretty, and the members all have good bodies and proportions

4. [+94, -55] Only Yuna can be the visual center no matter where she goes. Ryujin and Lia?ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+69, -52] Of course, they’re the only group where all the members are pretty

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