People are protesting SM Got the Beat’s 1st mini album release

SM Got the Beat’s first mini album release

The 1st Mini Album

1. I really hate it……

2. Why is Aespa pitiful? It’s not like they didn’t make a comeback. Why are you guys blaming Got the Beat?

3. I feel sorry for Aespa

4. Sunbaes get to work with famous rookies, but Aespa really doesn’t gain anything

5. Please pay attention to the lyrics

6. I just wish the lyrics weren’t weird

7. Why do you criticize this? Got the Beat did better in digital music than Aespa this year

8. SM must have lost their mind

9. SuperM and Got the Beat, the fan reactions are not good so I don’t understand why they keep doing this

10. I feel sorry for Aespa who is in the competition for the 4th generation

11. I’m also a fan of one of these groups, but please stop.. I hate it ㅠㅠ

12. BoA is greedy

13. The quality of the song is bad, but when will Aespa make a comeback?

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