People are protesting SM Got the Beat’s 1st mini album release

SM Got the Beat’s first mini album release

The 1st Mini Album

1. I really hate it……

2. Why is Aespa pitiful? It’s not like they didn’t make a comeback. Why are you guys blaming Got the Beat?

3. I feel sorry for Aespa

4. Sunbaes get to work with famous rookies, but Aespa really doesn’t gain anything

5. Please pay attention to the lyrics

6. I just wish the lyrics weren’t weird

7. Why do you criticize this? Got the Beat did better in digital music than Aespa this year

8. SM must have lost their mind

9. SuperM and Got the Beat, the fan reactions are not good so I don’t understand why they keep doing this

10. I feel sorry for Aespa who is in the competition for the 4th generation

11. I’m also a fan of one of these groups, but please stop.. I hate it ㅠㅠ

12. BoA is greedy

13. The quality of the song is bad, but when will Aespa make a comeback?

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why they keep riding aespa popularity? sm senior is seriously loser, boa should say something to disapprove this but since her latest releases are big flop she maybe seeking for any relevance by using her popular junior, also rv latest song sucks so hard, they seriously need to stop riding aespa success


No seriously it’s so weird. Even in aespa’s own content, SM finds a freaking way to promote their seniors. 🙃


Because they wish they had newjeans
Aespa look like hags now


Aespa aren’t even popular anymore
They lack in visuals talent and music compared to ive new jeans and le sserafim


I guess since the family image @yg (their fans are so obsessed about) is crumbling to the ground, they are trying so hard to capitalize on that. Yes they had that for years but now the slot is wide open for that big 3 agency family feel – Hybe doesn’t really count.

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just give aespa comeback please 🙏🏼


SM should be focusing on aespa’s album. The other members of GOT the beat are already established idols who already had a full career but aespa is just starting out and the competition in 4th gen is real serious. Idg this obsession with these collabs at all.




aren’t boring boa, noseyeon, hyogre, sluggie and wendell embarrassed to keep forcing aespa to collab with them at their fossil age?

boring boa, hyogre, sluggie and wendell’s solo albums flopped, rv’s cb flopped, aespa’s cb flopped lol

newjeans destroyed aespa and took all their hype and instead of trying to salvage their dwindling career, they’re wasting their time by releasing cringe songs and collabs that no one asked for.


Misogynistic lyrics and the same zero relevance of Superm. SM should stop rehashing groups and focus on the ones they already have and give them good songs, that way they’ll never get out of the rut they’re in. 


That random person blaming BoA 😂😭


coming to flop again soon. ill never understand sm & them trying to put members of different groups together


The female BTS SuperM counterpart




What in the Microsoft 2000 Paint graphic skills is going on here…

If they are trying to catch that nj nostalgia feel this isn’t it

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i wanna say aespa fell off but they only had two successful months 😭😭😭

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