People couldn’t believe it when they saw BLACKPINK Jennie’s latest pictures on Instagram

Jennie updates her Instagram, she’s f*cking pretty

1. She’s seriously a hot girl

2. Wow but the quality is so good, she took those pictures with her phone?

3. No, how can one be so pretty?

4. She’s just a princess

5. Wow her aura is crazy

6. She was born to be a celebrity, so pretty

7. She’s so pretty, she looks like a doll

8. Jennie is the best and her clothes are the best

9. Wow f*cking pretty

10. Is it made by Chanel? Do you see the Chanel logo?!

11. Is she a Barbie doll?

12. Seriously, she’s a superstar

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jin finally enter the military, grandma hope next

Dot Com

Jin entering the military made more noise than hagpinks comeback. I’d be made too

Jennie is ho

She is doing concert but only style got praised, nothing for performance and singing 😭😭😭


Where is the pann articles about her partying in Paris on the same day of their concert??? It was literally 2 hours prior to their soundcheck


not y’all keeping up with her schedule like a stan, but let me correct you as you’ve got the order wrong: event > concert > after-party.
however, i fail to understand why it’s wrong for a 20 something year old to go out and party. it’s giving sad fr


She is literally a kpop IDOL, she should set a good example to her young fans. I’ve already seen those videos and I am so disgusted and disappointed with her. She is getting worse in her performance but wilder and energetic at parties. She’s never beating that slut allegations i fear.


Closeted fans me think?!! like whats wrong with partying you nerds


I am sorry but sometimes pann users like these who writes “can’t believe their eyes” are just being overdramatic. Like it’s not like she has changed her face it’s just look like how she regularly looks and the outfit is also not over the top. This post is just so overdramatically hyped up for no reason. I mean just say she looks pretty and be done with it. Why you have to make it up like she has done something extraordinary to her for her concert. Like no she looks how she always looks.


Not you writing essay.💀 Pannkpop always do that, they tend to exaggerate headlines and that applies not only for BP. One thing is for sure Pannkpop is a BP anti.

Dot Com

BP are their own antis. Never seen a group half ass so much and the fans eat it up. They are called Midpink for a reason and the fans don’t demand better. You all are embarrassingly easy to please… even for kpop standards.


Nigga keep those veins popping. You are the one embarrassing cause how did you let a kpop fandom and their faves make you mad 24/7?.🤭 I’m still going to support BP, attend their concerts and shit. Me and Blinks all around the world will always be there for BP and there’s nothing you can do about it. Stop acting like your faves are on Beyoncé level when it comes to performing on stage lmfao.

Dot Com

The same bitch that be under every Bts related post with anti bullshit wanna lecture me about popping veins? Maybe if your faves popped veins in the practice room instead of sneaking into hotel rooms and fucking every man that walks by they could actually make some noise.

Of course you’re gonna continue to support blandpink. As I said before, you fucking idiots are easily entertained and tankpink profit from the stupidity of their fandom.

Funny you should mention Beyoncé because when it comes to stage presence and having a impactful, long lasting legacy only BTS is mentioned besides her and MJ. Lazypink a group never praised for their stage presence, musicality or legacy have no room to even try to pit a group like BTS against other legends when your group is only compared to other kpop flops.

Stay in your 10k arena lane. Nigga


ain’t nobody reading that shit nigga. Stay mad.

Dot Com

Wouldn’t expect a nigger to be able to

Dot Com

Seen the open mouthed cat fish expression as well as that very “Jennie” outfit before. Why are we pretending to be impressed?


Stay pressed babe 🫶🏻

Dot Com

Pressed over mediocrity? Not likely, precious


Hoes mad over expression🤣🤣

Dot Com

Hoes gotta have an expression first before others can be mad over it…

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