People criticize EXO’s Chen for saying he wants to go back to when he first debuted

EXO’s Chen “I really want to go back to when I first debuted”

Chen held an online press conference for his 3rd mini album ‘Last Scene’ at 11am on the 14th

1. Those are the words that neither his fans nor his wife and children want to hear

2. I thought he and Park Chanyeol left the group

3. If he thinks about what he did to his fans, can’t he just keep quiet? I really don’t understand SM

4. Just leave the group and promote as a solo artist

5. Does he regret getting married?

6. Isn’t this disrespectful to fans and family…?

7. Just leave the group and do whatever you want

8. I think the fans will be angry… Why is he saying things like that…?

9. Seriously, the fans are bodhisattvas

10. Only the fans are pitiful

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And then these stoopid af knetz think ppl are hating on them when we bring out what they do to the idols who are dating or gets married like a normal human being.

“We don’t care idols date or not. Ifans know nothing.”
Like stop lying and see what you ppl are doing.

This man should be praised for his vocals and songs he gives. But these horres can’t take their eyes off his wife and innocent kids.
When I say Korean fans needs to reform themselves in this I mean it. They are super deranged and delusional. Chen don’t deserve this at all.


He is in his 30s and his grp mates are in 30s and late 20s. You want them to not start building up their own families and cater to your gross fantasies about them. That’s why I want all kpop idols to break and shatter these deranged fantasies and proudly show their partners. So these ppl know their limits.


And ppl saying he regrets marrying and having kids for saying this??? Like???
A person can say they want to go back in time to relive those moments once again to come back once again in these shoes of present and see all those bittersweet memories once again. Wasnt he a teen when he was a trainee. Obviously he would want to go on those times. Where there would be no burden on him like he have it rn. Dont we say we would want to go back to our younger self. Is it’s cause we hate our adult self. No. Idk about you guys but I dont. But I still wanna travel back in time and relive those memories once again.
Destroying a perfectly fine statement can be learnt by a kpopper very easily.


Anyway stream Last scene

Dot Com

But I wasn’t done… probably wants the deranged fandom to go back to tolerating him before they found out he does human things lol.

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