People criticize EXO’s Chen for saying he wants to go back to when he first debuted

EXO’s Chen “I really want to go back to when I first debuted”

Chen held an online press conference for his 3rd mini album ‘Last Scene’ at 11am on the 14th

1. Those are the words that neither his fans nor his wife and children want to hear

2. I thought he and Park Chanyeol left the group

3. If he thinks about what he did to his fans, can’t he just keep quiet? I really don’t understand SM

4. Just leave the group and promote as a solo artist

5. Does he regret getting married?

6. Isn’t this disrespectful to fans and family…?

7. Just leave the group and do whatever you want

8. I think the fans will be angry… Why is he saying things like that…?

9. Seriously, the fans are bodhisattvas

10. Only the fans are pitiful

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