People praise and say that Ahn Yujin’s visuals are crazy and legendary today

Ahn Yujin’s visuals are crazy today

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[+69, -24]

1. [+23, -5] Her visuals have been perfect since she was 6 years old

2. [+21, -9] Please, in the next life, I want to be born like Ahn Yujin, I envy everything about the child who seems to have been perfected from the moment she was born. The face, the aura, the birth, the story, everything is perfect

3. [+17, -4] Legendary fancam thumbnail

4. [+15, -3] Even though she doesn’t wear lenses, the size of her eyes is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+11, -3] F*cking pretty… And the last part is amazing ㅜ

6. [+8, -2] Her beauty is natural, her features are clear, she has a nice body, she’s tall, she has a charming personality, she has good skills, she has it all

7. [+4, -0] Seriously pretty…

8. [+3, -1] No, this is my first time seeing eyes like that ㅠ How can her eyes be so big?

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