People praise LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s vocal skills after listening to ‘First Love’ cover

LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon – First Love (Original song: Hikaru Utada) COVER

1. It reminds me of the old days and I like Chaewon’s voice too

2. The video is so cute, her voice is so good

3. The song suits her so well and she did so well

4. Our Chaewon is so good and the video is crazy!

5. She sings well and her voice is crazy

6. She sings so well and is so pretty

7. Her voice reminds people of first love.. Fans will really love this video

8. She sings so well, but I can’t hear it because of the Japanese pronunciation… I hope she also does more covers in Korean

9. Chaewon sings so well

10. Her voice is so good and so beautiful

11. Chaewon really improved a lot, she did so well

12. Wow, she really has good vocal skills

13. Chaewon’s voice is so good and her messy hair suits her so well!!

14. Kim Chaewon’s voice is really good…

15. Seeing this makes me curious about Kim Chaewon’s solo

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