People predict what BTS Jimin’s title song will be through ‘Like Crazy’ title poster

BTS Jimin’s solo album ‘Like Crazy’ title poster

1. After listening to the pre-release song, I can’t predict what the title song will be like. I’m looking forward to it

2. It’s already a masterpiece

3. Since the pre-release song is so dark, I think the title song will be a bit intense and bright.. but please look forward to it

4. The pre-release song surprised me so much, I can’t predict what the title song will be like

5. I’m curious about the song

6. It’s like a movie poster

7. I can’t predict what style the song will be, I’m curious

8. I like the pre-release song, so I’m looking forward to it too

9. Why does it look so heartbreaking and lonely?

10. I really like the poster, it looks like a movie poster

11. I can’t imagine this time, I’m looking forward to it

12. The atmosphere is a bit sad, I’m looking forward to it

13. Wow~ I’m really grateful to see that he put so much effort into his solo debut.. I’m looking forward to it

14. I can’t predict what song it will be, but the atmosphere of the poster is so sad ㅠㅠ

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WhatsThe Point

They said like crazy is synth pop, u know what else is synth pop? Pied Piper!!
But honestly, it looks like he’ll be dancing in water, and the poster seems like he’s tried to get out of that room but has given up?
Also when asked for spoiler on vlive, he pointed towards Marino, so water is definitely involved


like slow pop?


No, synth-pop has many sub-gens
The best examples for synth-pop is Blinding Lights by The weeknd or As it was by Harry Styles

Last edited 6 months ago by JeanCarlo

Eww he went to club with m!nors?? Creepy uncle pigmin.


What are you even talking about


can you please talk about your dad somewhere else?


You’re literally under every single post that includes any BTS member making the exact same comment/accusation, like at this point you’re just projecting I fear 😟

Color color stan

That’s actually your girlie’s best friend. Seoul cycle really out there being besties with criminals


his poster and jisoo’s poster match


i think you need new eyes babe




He’ll sell his body again


who? your dad?


No. YOUR dad pig jimin


pig= you


pig jimin can’t you read


jennie goes by she/her pronouns btw

Color color stan

Jimin’s so relevant the bitches who claim to be “unbothered” by him are in the comment section being the jobless whores they are 💅


Everyone who heard the quick snippet during Jimmy Fallon’s interview had nothing but good things to say about the song. 24 March needs to hurry up 😾


I’m just can’t wait for the full album release! With the type of tone the pre-release track set, I’m so curious to see how it ties into the main track and how the overall album will be like. And congrats to Jimin for the successes he’s been achieving so far with this solo!


Tbh smf pt2 is not my style
I have big expectations abt the main track, synth-pop its my favorite genre


The week won’t pass soon enough to finally listen to Jimin’s album.

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