People say BTS Jin in the video is more handsome than in the picture

BTS Jin was taken by Park Myung Soo who’s good at taking pictures


1. The combination of Park Myung Soo and Jin is so funㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. But I always feel that Jin looks better in the video than in the picture

3. His face is really small…. No, how can his face be so small?

4. Even if you take a picture of him sleeping, he still looks good

5. As expected, but Jin in the video is prettier than in the picture

6. All the pictures are good, but the video is much better

7. He’s so handsome with his facial features

8. What is the first picture? Look at his nose, it’s no joke

9. I just think that Jin is handsome

10. In my eyes, Jin in the video looks more handsome than in the picture

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