People say BTS V should become an actor after seeing his cover photos for the April issue of Elle

3 types of BTS V covers for the April issue of ‘Elle’ that start with the letter ‘V’ without a photo

1. His eyes are crazy

2. Wow, he’s intern Kim, right? Oh my God!

3. The first photo is like an American black and white movie, the second photo is like a Hong Kong movie, the third photo is like a 90s Korean youth movie

4. He looks crazy, he looks like a foreign actor

5. His face and aura are crazy

6. Kim Taehyung is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Who hit our Taehyung? I really want to see his acting in a movie

8. I love his eyes so much

9. Wow, the vibe is crazy and his eyes are amazing

10. He looks like an actor, please act Taehyung-ah

11. He’s crazy, his eyes are so good

12. V’s voice, face, expression are all perfect

13. He looks like an actor, he should become an actor

14. It’s a concept that makes fans’ hearts flutter

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