People say BTS V should become an actor after seeing his cover photos for the April issue of Elle

3 types of BTS V covers for the April issue of ‘Elle’ that start with the letter ‘V’ without a photo

1. His eyes are crazy

2. Wow, he’s intern Kim, right? Oh my God!

3. The first photo is like an American black and white movie, the second photo is like a Hong Kong movie, the third photo is like a 90s Korean youth movie

4. He looks crazy, he looks like a foreign actor

5. His face and aura are crazy

6. Kim Taehyung is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Who hit our Taehyung? I really want to see his acting in a movie

8. I love his eyes so much

9. Wow, the vibe is crazy and his eyes are amazing

10. He looks like an actor, please act Taehyung-ah

11. He’s crazy, his eyes are so good

12. V’s voice, face, expression are all perfect

13. He looks like an actor, he should become an actor

14. It’s a concept that makes fans’ hearts flutter

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Color color stan



His acting sucks


His=midpink girlie


You suck, loser

Color color stan



of leeching

Color color stan

Stop describing yourself in the comment section I beg


Did your dad ever come home?


Don’t describe yourself

Color color stan


Color color stan

4th gen

Color color stan


Dispatch The Cocks

BTS V has become one of the most beloved celebrities in the world. His playful nature, kind heart, and charisma have earned him millions of loyal fans. Unfortunately, his popularity is overshadowing other actors’ and actresses’ spotlight. His name is often the first one to appear in search results or on magazine articles, leaving other actors and actresses with less public perception. Fans are also more likely to buy merchandise featuring or related to BTS V, instead of merchandise related to other celebrities. V’s massive fame means that other actors and actresses will have to work extra hard to be seen and heard by the public.

White cat

He work just as hard as the other.




He is seriously insane, taehyung really the finest man


I need him in drama or movie soo bad😭i need that face on big screen please😭😭


We still don’t know what project he did in Paris last year.. I hope it’s a movie or a movie-like music video


The paris one prob just vid ads for celine, i hope he consider to make cb as actor, why he hasn’t accepted those love calls from so many movie director even he also got lovecalls from foreign director film, yet he didnt take one at all is beyond me :”(


ohh right.. since the people from celine said the elle april magazine is his first project as their BA but they haven’t announced it officially so maybe you’re right. it may be for celine ads when the official announcement is out😭


intern kim is so cute that i forget how hot he can look


Finally some good photos. After suga’s boring/impactless photo folio and jimin’s monotone/uninspiring magazine photos….


I agree about jimin’s but suga’s photos are quite good tho


I respect your opinion but I really don’t see anything special in his photo folio. Granted he was the last one, the hype for it was so little. Barely even realized it was out.




Can we NOT sexu1ize him?? I never see you guys talk like this about other members. Its always V. The same person who always stops you delulus. Its just so creepy


It’s literally a sexy concept. It’s meant to be drooled over. If this was a cute concept then I’d agree. I just think refusing to see them as sexual beings also dehumanizes them imo


Calling him “hot” or something along the lines, I’d agree but this whole “daddy” kink and such bedroom fantasy are disturbing, especially on a real person. And not wanting to objectify someone is not dehumanising 💀 if anything itw the opposite.


Hmm I’m not sure about “daddy kink” because I take it as Twitter talk like “mother”. But still I just don’t see the harm unless he says he doesn’t like to be called daddy or equivalent. People will never be satisfied. Folks don’t even like them being called baby or anything cute and small.


I’ve even seen people casually calling him such on photos of his were he was very very youing. And most of the times it’s only V that’s sexuliized to such an extent. Ofc it’s mostly shippers and y/ns that are ok with such things.


Any comments like that towards a minor are disgusting and should be called out. As a Tae bias I actually think JK gets specialized the most at any age.


Please. Army’s still baby Jk.
You’re clearly not Tae based if you’re OK with how much sexuliized he is everyday.


Well if user niconiconii says so then I guess it’s law


I think some ppl dnt like “daddyy” because of its p3d0 origin


Ah I understand that pov, truly, but if the next person doesn’t root the word with /that/ then why push it on them because it makes /you/ uncomfortable.

Jk said he didn’t like being called a baby. Armys stopped calling him that. Mostly. Jin said he didn’t like being called a mom. It stopped. They can speak for themselves on what they deem undesirable. For all we know he is ok with it. He has shown time and time again he can speak for himself regarding his boundaries. Let him.


The standard


is on the floor 🤣🤣


For slutpink wbk


Where u belong


He’s already an actor, but I’d love to see him in another drama or even in a movie.


He looks like an actor indeed! And people who recognizes for Jinny’s Kitchen instead of BTS is so cool

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