People say it’s not fair that BLACKPINK is a candidate for VMA even though they’re on hiatus for 2 years

BLACKPINK didn’t promote in 2021, 2022, but they a candidate for VMA

After BLACKPINK was nominated, foreign Kpop fans are talking about it

1. They were nominated for Group of the Year, but they didn’t have any group activities for 1 year and 10 months

2. Lisa is a candidate, right?

3. They’ve been on hiatus for 2 years, so I’m curious because they’re a candidate

4. Is this unfair? Other groups were active and did well, but they were not nominated

5. They made a comeback yesterday, but Group of the Year…? I will understand if they are a candidate for next year

6. How many candidates are there? What are their criteria?

7. Is this where BLACKPINK attended this time?

8. But this proves that BLACKPINK is amazing

9. What?? I really don’t understand

10. Anyway I’m looking forward to their performance

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>8. But this proves that BLACKPINK is amazing

What? How? That proves that they payed for this nomination. And that this award is rigged.


Disgusting but not surprising of YG. It’s a bad idea to send them anyway, with those awful lyrics in that ridiculous “rap” while there will be real rappers there lmao they will be a joke


I’m looking forward to their performance cause they girls are pretty but not the song
If only the song was as beautiful also hoping that the dance will be better this time.
other than that I. don’t know what the nomination rules are if they even have the right
to be there in the first place so I can’t really comment on that


Bought their way in, I would never be proud of bought awards. But knowing blinks don’t care makes it even funnier. Like idols like fans


the way they were called the worst performance of the night… i would hide if i was a stan like… do your idol dont respect you to even give their all in a performance after 2 yrs??? oh well, they released a bad song after that long hiatus so ig not.

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