People talk about Kai, Seulgi, Jeno, and Karina performing ‘Hot & Cold’ on stage

Kai, Seulgi, Jeno, Karina ‘Hot & Cold’ Stage Video

1. Karina sings so well

2. Kai dances so well

3. Seulgi’s voice is so good

4. Seulgi and Karina did so well

5. Karina’s voice is good and she’s good at dancing too

6. This song is my favorite song in this album!!!

7. I’m sure Kai dances well

8. The song is good… The stage is good too

9. Karina is a dance member in Aespa?? Her voice is so good

10. Kai and Seulgi’s combination is better than expected

11. Jeno is so good. The song is good too

12. It’s great that Karina can dance, sing and rap…..

13. Karina’s voice is crazy ㅠㅠ

14. Kai stands out the most

15. I like Karina’s voice

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