People talk about Kai, Seulgi, Jeno, and Karina performing ‘Hot & Cold’ on stage

Kai, Seulgi, Jeno, Karina ‘Hot & Cold’ Stage Video

1. Karina sings so well

2. Kai dances so well

3. Seulgi’s voice is so good

4. Seulgi and Karina did so well

5. Karina’s voice is good and she’s good at dancing too

6. This song is my favorite song in this album!!!

7. I’m sure Kai dances well

8. The song is good… The stage is good too

9. Karina is a dance member in Aespa?? Her voice is so good

10. Kai and Seulgi’s combination is better than expected

11. Jeno is so good. The song is good too

12. It’s great that Karina can dance, sing and rap…..

13. Karina’s voice is crazy ㅠㅠ

14. Kai stands out the most

15. I like Karina’s voice

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lee sooman

well the song is not bad but nothing special about it? kinda expect something better


Genuinely surprised at how good this album is. There’s something in there for everyone. Currently enjoying:
‘Hot and Cold’ (I like it for the same reason I like ‘We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth – vibes),
‘Jet’ (Chill jam),
‘Time after Time (a.k.a VOCAL SLAYAGE) and ‘Good to be alive’ (Just good fun to listen to).


all of them are cringy af


To each their own. I enjoyed it 🤷

And I see you’re a BP stan… surely you’re no stranger to a good cringe fest. 🙂


the lyric is cringy af, also the dancing is freaking awkward 😭


94s kill it 😍 Seulgi sings amazing and she’s a great performer


I’ll never understand the hate for SM idols 🙄 they’re great singers and have good personality, y’all should recognize them for that


I think the song would be better without the rap parts tbh but other than that, it’s just fine , Karina sings well


Someone should already be on his ass in military service, it’s about time he did his duty. 


The song is bland. I only watch their mv for karina, she’s freaking gorgeous, my replay button will broken atp


I thought they covered Katy Perry’s song


dick smeller, sluggie, crimson chino and dr. kim’s biggest project

Grace Walker

#12, lol, Karina, good at rapping she is no real rapper more like a manufactured rapper.

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