Pictures of female celebrities that exploded last year

Including media and SNS

Jang Wonyoung, taken by fansite at K-Con Germany

Yuna performing U-Go-Girl

Karina at the Yves Saint Laurent event

NMIXX Jiwoo Loewe

Haerin wearing a hat

Kazuha at the debut showcase

Han So Hee Charlotte Tilbury

IVE Liz Olive Young

NewJeans Hanni on M Countdown

Kim Yoo Jung’s dress

Winter Pucca

Sullyoon on Inkigayo

[+271, -14]

1. [+115, -23] Yuna’s wedding dress also got good reactions

2. [+83, -24] Minji MV

3. [+81, -17] Haerin Oh My Goodness

4. [+79, -11] Sullyoon and Kim Yoo jung’s pictures don’t seem to make people uncomfortable even if they were used on the cover of a romance magazine issueㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+61, -43] Go Yoon Jung at Blue Dragon!

6. [+58, -6] Karina is a goblin

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Han so hee,minji, liz ugly, aespa plastic aliens, yuna haerin pretty, others just ok


cant wait till you post your picture!


Oh your name is freeseungri.
So you’re just vile all round then.


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pkp the brainwasher kboo

han sohee’s tilbury dress was ‘viral’ bc is was legit porn. So see through that hsh’s bum & crotch were all photographed. True to hsh’s slutty w.o.m mistress evil slut character.

It’s quite diff from the rest.


hani’s was not viral. what a sneak.

Liz’s was moderately trending only.

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