Police arrested the person who tried to sell BTS Jungkook’s hat for 10 million won

‘Jungkook hat’ offered by a Foreign Ministry employee for 10 million won is real.. Arrested by police for robbery and embezzlement

HYBE confirmed Jungkook lost his hat in the waiting room of the passport department at the foreign affairs ministry

The police said, “We are further looking into the legal basis if we should charge him with occupational embezzlement instead.”

1. Why did you steal Jungkook’s hat?

2. It’s annoying that Jungkook is mentioned because of that thief

3. If you know the owner, you should think about returning it

4. It’s too stupid to try to sell it for 10 million won

5. He’s so stupid.. Why did he lower the dignity of his country?

6. He wanted to make money with Jungkook’s popularity, but he was ruined by Jungkook’s popularity

7. He’s the dumbest person I’ve ever seen

8. That’s what happens when you’re blinded by money

9. He’s disgusting

10. Why do you live like that?

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