Popularity ranking of male idols in Japan

1. Kingtan

2. As expected, BTS is amazing

3. That’s why you need to capture the Japanese market. Looking at their 40s and 50s, their loyalty is amazing

4. TXT is doing well ㅠㅠ

5. Seventeen is so popular in Japan

6. If BTS were to promote in Japan, they would make a lot of yen

7. Meanwhile, TVXQ has a lot of fans in their 50s

8. Kingtan is amazing

9. HYBE idols are amazing

10. HYBE idols dominate the Japanese market

11. BTS even beat Japanese singers

12. As expected from BTS

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And that’s that on global appeal

WhatsThe Point

BTS global artists


bts least desirable artists, outside of kpop asian men are seen as a laughing stock remember everyone laughed when namjoon won against henry cavill for most handsome? yeah deal with it


Remember when everyone laughed when bp had to sell their cds for $3 to compete with stray kids in America? Remember Jennie is the global poster child for lazy and talentless idol. You wanna talk about Asian men’s global appeal but if I say that Asian women are seen as easy mail order brides then I’m wrong. Remember when DJ snake called blinks and BP flops?

Never forget that your fads are not BTS’ competition and you will only ever be important in Korea.

Last edited 3 months ago by Shug
Queen Lisa

I don’t even like BTS but goddamn the racism is baffling jesus fucking christ. Stop going to kpop related websites if yall hate Asians that much, fuck. I bet you also fetishize Asian women, don’t you? You fucking bigot. You’re all so brave online trashing Asian people but I bet behind your PCs and phones, yall are jobless.

You are so proud of what? Western men? Ohh yeah, we’re so amazed by Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, I bet you whoreship their orange ass. Even Cristiano Ronaldo who yall whoreship is a rapist. But ohhh yeah, Asian people are a joke.

Last edited 3 months ago by Queen Lisa

That all lies in the xenophobia Americans have, aren’t you embarrassed supporting that lmfao


I’m surprised to see TVXQ on the list. They’re really are the kings of Japan even after all this time, they’re not even that active. So proud


Army let’s give them more records and awards 😋 don’t forget to vote bts on idol plus SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS


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