Pre-release of IVE’s title song ‘I AM’ on TikTok

The song will be released at 6pm on April 10

1. Daebak~ As expected from IVE

2. It sounds better than the pre-release song

3. Have they ever tried a pop song?? The song is so good, I want to listen to the full version soon

4. They will sweep the charts againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Wow, the song is good, but it sounds too high

6.It sounds like a pop song, I already like it

7. Please give Liz a lot of parts!

8. Wow, it’s too high, I wonder if the members other than Ahn Yujin and Liz can sing,,,

9. Wow, the song is high, I want to listen to the full version soon, I’m curious

10. I wish there were more parts of Liz this time

11. The song is so good ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think they’ll hit the daebak this time too

12. Anyway Liz and Yujin can do it, they’re good at live so you don’t have to worry about live

13. The song is so good, I want to listen to it soon

14. It sounds like a pop song, I’m so excited

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Seriously, why is the song so high? Kpop companies please stop destroying female idols voices .


mmm not really feeling it by this snippet but let’s see how the full song is going to turn out .

and it’s quite high at the chorus tho 😮 I guess Yunjin and Liz going to switch up singing the chorus.


wait *yujin, sorry 🤕


they coming to sweep the charts again

Like Crazy

“Have they ever tried a pop song??” Have they ever tried something else? Im pretty sure their previous songs weren’t hard metal

Like Crazy

Sounds boring. Jimin, Suga and NJ will continue to dominate the charts.


And who is achieving pak after pak right now?😂😂


It will be fun watching their encore


True. Because they’re gonna slay, better than others.


They gonna slay


Also no way it’s Yujin and Liz singing it
Additional vocals definitely there
Yujin struggled to sing live encore of after like and Liz is not that strong of a vocalist


No. hanni and danielle will sing it


Lmao are u dumb or what it’s literally their voices


I like it, but I agree with “whydidyoudisabledisqus”, the song is so high


I stopped being a fan because Liz is fat and ugly🤮 she is so cringe, Starship plz use some of that money and put her in the gym

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