Prediction of Daesang at the 2022 MAMA

Artist of the Year
#1 IVE 43
#2 BTS 39

Album of the year
#1 BTS 49

Song of the year
#1 Love Dive 43
#2 Tomboy 40

1. Wow IVE is amazing

2. I hope (G)I-DLE gets it!! Song of the year is Tomboy

3. I don’t know, but I can only think of IVE… I think they’ll get all the Daesangs except Album of the Year

4. I think Tomboy will get Song of the Year

5. What is the standard for music video? Doesn’t BTS have more views? Why is IVE’s MV score higher?

6. I hope IVE gets Artist of the Year

7. IVE will get Artist of the Year, BTS will get Album of the Year, and (G)I-DLE will get Song of the Year

8. I didn’t even know that BTS made a comeback this year

9. What did BTS do this year…? I bet they won’t attend and don’t get it

10. I feel sorry for BLACKPINK

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