President of Korea Singers Association protesting BTS’s group hiatus

President of Korea Singers Association “Worried about the disruption of the Korean Wave” protesting BTS’s group hiatus

1. They are too greedy

2. BTS’s influence is too big. But please respect the members’ decision

3. ??? Seriously, they disrespect BTS and disrespect other singers

4. It’s the members’ decision, you should respect their decision, you shouldn’t burden them like this

5. I’m not even a fan of BTS, but this is too much…

6. What are you saying? It’s not that BTS is disbanding, it’s that they need time to recharge because they’re exhausted

7. Don’t try to use BTS for national or political purposes, do it yourself

8. What do you mean by ignoring all other singers and protesting BTS’ group hiatus? You are so rude

9. ? Instead of doing this, the association should promote potential singers

10. They want to focus on their individual activities, but what are you saying????

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