President of Korea Singers Association protesting BTS’s group hiatus

President of Korea Singers Association “Worried about the disruption of the Korean Wave” protesting BTS’s group hiatus

1. They are too greedy

2. BTS’s influence is too big. But please respect the members’ decision

3. ??? Seriously, they disrespect BTS and disrespect other singers

4. It’s the members’ decision, you should respect their decision, you shouldn’t burden them like this

5. I’m not even a fan of BTS, but this is too much…

6. What are you saying? It’s not that BTS is disbanding, it’s that they need time to recharge because they’re exhausted

7. Don’t try to use BTS for national or political purposes, do it yourself

8. What do you mean by ignoring all other singers and protesting BTS’ group hiatus? You are so rude

9. ? Instead of doing this, the association should promote potential singers

10. They want to focus on their individual activities, but what are you saying????

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BTS being used as political tool at this point….


I’m so serious when I say I need these people to leave Bangtan alone.. Let them rest and focus on themselves for once in their lives.

These men truly opened their hearts for armys, spoke about how they were slowly burning out, had a heart to heart with their fandom just for everyone to weaponize it and use it for their own gain. It’s disgusting how everyone keeps proving they don’t see BTS as actual human beings.


They burnt out.. please leave them alone, let them take their well deserved rest and focus on their individual activities. For God’s sake, can Korean music industry treat BTS as human being, not your manufactured idol/puppet.


I love BTS but the most important thing right now is Bring Back Disqus


yes this one is so ugly looking on mobile 😭


And it takes so long to upvote someone.


Let alone to post a comment


lmao i cough laughing


Petition to bring back disqus. This layout/style is really annoying 😓

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The disregard for mental health in sk is so disturbing. Like, it’s ok to military but taking a break for ur mental health is not it. Damn, leave them alone. Thats why rm said the kpop industry wont even leave you space for growth because of no regards to mental health, just work work like a machine, not even treated like a human.


They have zero regard for BTS and their decisions. BTS shouldn’t be sorry or forced to do activities when they explicitly mentioned about going through a burn out. BTS are gonna prioritise their mental health and self growth instead of being cash cows for KSA


BTS are literally SK’s strongest soft power however they keep on refusing it and using their name multiple times for politics, dragging their name for YEARS about the military excemption in which BTS had expressed they will enlist as told but NO ONE listens to them and instead uses their name as a free pass for other groups to benefit all the while BTS gets criticized for a movement they don’t even speak about on.

They don’t owe anyone shit.


Theyre literally a political pawn played by these government officials, this is so fcked up


Now they know how powerful is bts


respectfully, pee pee poo poo. let bts rest and do ur job properly if you don’t want the hallyuwave and tourism to die. messy asses.


So where’s “the next BTS” I’ve heard so much about? Can’t they save Korea’s pop scene? Ungrateful clowns let these boys rest without having to prop up a nation ffs


The audacity!!
Go beg your national sportmen or classical musicians instead since they don’t have enlistment hanging over their heads like BTS? to some people, BTS apparently didn’t help Korea much and only benefited themselves, so leave them alone now please?


oh there’s a “President of Korea Singers Association”!?wow!so where tf was she when BTS,korea’s biggest cultural icon & soft power was downgraded by that country’s shty media??being dragged in military issue everyday for other’s benefit like every other stupid sCaNdAl?oh finally they’re talkin about “BTS”‘s exemption LMAO
yall don’t care about them,their mental health,their hardships but want them to do things that’s a whole ministry’s duty.have some shame ffs now BTS is responsible for all your manufactored useless pretty idols??last time i checked their fans were so confident saying their faves already vanished BTS!?

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Pann anjing tapi gue gabut

Tante lu tuh gak diajak!


well why dont you ask those 72.000 gold medalists and so called musicians you all had exempted to do the work and spread the hallyu wave, also im pretty sure theres a lot of groups who has been promoted as the next bts, no? Let them work, and leave bts alone


BTS didn’t become idols to carry your industry forever. They’re not machines you can order around whenever you like. They weren’t born to serve you. It’s not right to depend on BTS for revenue forever. Letting them financially carry you forever is too big of a burden to put on their shoulders. Respect their decision about this hiatus and stop being dramatic. Work harder so you have other sources of income.


It’s not even just the audacity to ask BTS to reconsider their break but the nerve to say ARMYs will go away, like??? Where we going? To Mars? Lmao.


Im not a bts fan but bts members are talented and popular and well loved enough by Armies that even their solo promo will do well and they’ll still have the chance to have international appearances, etc. Hallyu wave wont be disturbed and there are other kpop acts who are well loved internationally too, maybe support them for a chance.


they never saw bts as humans in the first place, the abusive and manipulative talks to make all of them feel bad for a decision that’s beneficial for their own mental health and career in the long run are disgusting and such a low blow.

imagine the bullshit they go through behind closed doors everyday. the kpop industry needs a revolution for real its getting ridiculous.a group needs to have 3 or 4 comebacks every year to keep up with the insane pace. it’s not sustainable. namjoon is right they don’t let idols grow and mature as artists.


7. Don’t try to use BTS for national or political purposes, do it yourself




It’s okay for them to take a break for military (this means the same stop for the group and decrease of content aka also impacting the korean wave) but it’s not okay for them to take the decision to rest (probably serving the military too, that has the same consequences) fck korean “public figures” that use them for political gain


The way these people are completely ignoring the fact that the BTS members themselves said that they NEED a break. Who do you think you are?! BTS don’t owe you anything!


“BTS Hallyu Wave”??? As in there aren’t multiple other artists working just as hard to promote SoKor. Just let BTS take their rest. Their hiatus will not end SoKor soft power ffs.


Lelz just leave them alone
You didn’t only just degrade them but also insulted the rest of kpop artists
You’re only speaking now because you need them? Hah!

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