Proof that BLACKPINK is going downhill

In the past, when BLACKPINK made a comeback, the reactions were explosive, but now it’s not like that anymore.

Of course, BLACKPINK is still the top girl group, but the reactions are much less than before and the MV views are also lower.

Now that the 4th generation is doing well, the 3rd generation seems to be losing popularity

[+55, -97]

1. [+38, -1] It’s not that they have less views, it’s that the MVs just came out.. How do you compare the MV that came out a few years ago with the MV that came out two, three months ago?

2. [+33, -2] Entertainer of the Year 2022 voted by Time magazine is BLACKPINKㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+24, -0] Can you compare it to a song that was released 3 months ago?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are saying to yourself that you are stupid

4. [+24, -0] 2~6 years ago vs 2~3 months agoㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+11, -1] TWICE failed

6. [+11, -0] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+9, -0] Even so, their views are the highest among female idols, Pink Venom has reached 100 million views in more than 1 day

8. [+7, -0] 500 million in 4 months, and you’re saying that they’re going downhill?

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My guess is their comeback song arent that good. Only Blackpink fans loves it.


My guess is their comeback song arent that good. Only Blackpink fans loves it”


So. Your point is Blankpink fans has small brain right? Just like that picture. That Picture is exactly how small their brain is. Well, at least they have brain. Even if it is small.




People have preferences and most ppl didn’t like any of the songs bp released this year. Only blinks did. And majority of the blinks also didn’t like it. Pea brain.

But I wasn’t done…

You find a meme and you stick with it don’t you 😂


Just like BTS, only their fans loves it. RM is free falling right now. So, I guess his fans don’t love it much


Based on their youtube views??? If that is an indicator than the girls are leading 90% of this year releases lmao


look at yet to come. not making noise at all in kchart. bigbang the criminal charted higher than them without any promotion


Why can’t people just accept that BP is now old news they are not as popular as they were so many 3rd gen idols are getting overshadowed by new groups and it’s pretty normal in idol industry


True but they are still the top gg so . No one did their youtube and spotify numbers or in any global platform but in korea ive are surpassing them in votes and charts


Twice did better in album sales and spotify numbers in the west lmao bp only do good in southeast asia, they’re irrelevant worldwide

why is twice not charting in bb200 along bp in this week update then? or the last mont update?


lol why twice cant even enter bbhot100?


keep saying it maybe your wish will come true one day, but you braing a jealous low iq loose won’t change unfortunately


True. Just like BTS being overshadowed by 4th gen GGs and BGs

Lazy Banana

Which 4th gen group is overshadowing BTS? On Melon? Pfft, that’s a teeny tiny shit nobody cares about especially since YouTube Music is the leading streaming platform in SK now. And even then, BTS still took most of the daesangs this year so who tf is overshadowing who lmaoooooo.


the only bg higher than bts on melon this year is bigbang which is a 2nd gen group 🙃 but they don’t have longevity on charts tho

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Bc is simply not true, the comments here would look very different if that was the case but its not right :v?

Teenage puppy

Not them using YouTube as a measure of success. The streaming farmers are the only ones streaming bp. Everything else is bought.


Streaming farms? All kpop groups have that in Asia, especially Vietnamese kpop stans. They do that during comeback. I saw BTS FANS doing streaming farms for Dynamite and Butter and BWL. Anyways BP is the most viewed girl group in the US with more than 300M then second gg is around 170M views. Are you saying they have streaming farms in


A group who’s YouTube numbers match their streams, album sales and concert ticket numbers can’t be compared with BP and their YouTube accomplishments. BTS has proof of popularity, BP has proof of payola. They ain’t the same.


keep barking dumb hag


—What Jeremy oppa tells chinse after making her gag


Their album sales n streaming in US lower than the album sales no matter how much push, mediaplay, free spotify deal they got. It seem like US fans no longer found their once in a while cb with same kind of concept look intriguing anymore. Only their fans n new kpop fans interested. But once those new kpop fans checking out other gg, they gonna realize there are so many better gg with great performance n music.

That TIME entertainer of the year is a joke. Its obvious its being paid or TIME wanted their magazine selling well. They probably think bp gonna total blow up with pink venom like at dynamite scale. So they secured the interview early. But turned out its not even reach top20 hot100. They not even top10 most streamed artist on spotify. When the fact is bad bunny n harry styles have bigger hit song/album n way more active than bp this year.


Not sure if it’ll sell well, those Billboard magazines were still on sake two years after their cover story before they sold out or gave up.


If we are being honest. The Weeknd was robbed for the Entertainer of the year in 2020. It should be him or Dua and not BTS.

Dot com

2020? That was the year of dynamite hit and they made mots concert online with millions of viewers. Ofc bts deserved it


And are we still gonna lie how big impact of dua album future nostalgia is??

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

dynamite was bigger. it hit no.1 HOT100 several time againts WAP by cardi b and it is still the most streamed song in 2022 in apple music, that’s a whole 2 years after it was released.

Dot Com

Why is there another “Dot Com” shooo this name already taken.

On a side not you spilled.


And what do you have to back this up besides blinding lights doing well????


Well I used to be to a big blackpink fan but they went into too much modeling and
destroyed their world tour with background music and not being in sync . They forgot that they are singers . I still enjoy their songs but not their fan anymore

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WhatsThe Point

Blinks genuinely think bp is big thing cuz of all that mediaplay and yt views 💀

Last edited 9 months ago by WhatsThe Point

They are the biggest girl group. Cry about it


Blackpink are big because they’re everywhere in shopping mall around the world while no one remember about 7 Chinese boy group lol


Bp are for sure overshadowed by 4th gen ggs in korea at least but even in the west twice has better numbers than bp….


What numbers? The 9M on demand streams? 😭 If that’s the case then why can’t twice top itunes US or chart in Hot 100??


Lack of streaming farms like bp? Seems like Twice prefer to be honest about their success


charting on BB HOT 100 is not only about Youtube views, I thought you know that since you are a RATmy. Mind you, Twice have streaming farms in SEA also. Even BTS! SEA kpop stans do that. Y’all love to stoken Twice, you better help them stream and buy their songs, help them chart in BB HOT or at least get them number 1 on US iTunes.


Bitch streaming farms are for more than just YouTube and y’all manipulate all of them. Blanks and YG inflate midpinks numbers on all platforms using different tactics.
Twice and BTS popularity showed up in their concert ticket sales and album sales. You know, actual demand? It doesn’t seem like Twice is the group that needs token stanning… they ain’t have to beg for folks to buy their albums and tickets but you know who did??? Exactly


people in this comment section in a nutshell, maybe if y’all keep repeating they are a failure 24/7 like y’all are doing right now it’ss became true one day lol

u gotta look at this way
nothing, NOTHING that is said her will affect bp, they were bashed constantly here and get TIME cover, in the end keyword smash are just that
it doesn’t work in the real world

Jennie not lazy

Well they can’t rely too much on their SEA farms

Jennie is ho

They mediaplay so bad in US comparing with BTS while even twice is better than them at US 😭😭


If Twice is better than them in US then why can’t they chart on BB HOT 100? Why can’t they get number 1 on iTunes? Why can’t they last 10 weeks on Billboard 200? 😭😭


You need to stay updated. Twice have the ability to sell out the stadium arenas in usa in a day but what about bp. Heard they were struggling. But wow YG probably paid to cover that news up. No wonder their stocks keeps on going down and down. Even when most entertainment companies in market were rising.


mid pink’s masks are slipping 🤭🤭 they’re done


7 twinks are slipping. That monster is flopping and free falling everywhere.🤭🫣


k-blinks using bot views from SEA streaming farms as proof that they’re successful 💀💀💀

they’re just as dumb as other blinks


IDK why Twice was brought into this conversation. Na Yeon alone got a hit herself this year after debuting.

Lazy Banana

Blinks love shitting on Twice.


armys token stanning them

maybe army should have help twice get a win then


twice have 120 wins… they’re fine. thanks for worrying,


Blinks have time to time confirmed the fact that they have a rock instead of a brain. Comparing talents to views and streams. Popularity to the cover of time magazine. Which actually gain popularity after BTS were featured on it. Cause let’s be real none of the k-pop fans or these so called knetz ever have discussion about making it to time magazine. And as someone who have worked on entertainment industry it’s actually quite easy to make into these covers with little cash and power on your side. And I literally don’t mean fandom power. There is actually small amount of cases where people are chosen cause of their power and not for the power they have on side. Bts were selected when they were literally on top of all aspect. But here if we see. There are so many other pop artists whose influence was thousands time more than what bp had. And if you read stats you can easily see that bp power in usa has decreased a lot. And time usually choses people on the front cover of these magazine who has explosive results in the usa. Yes thats the truth. And its actually quite easier to see that power and money was indeed involved. Let them enjoy this entertainer moment. A bubble will eventually burst one day.


I won’t be surprised if bp moves like Korean Kardashians. I mean they already are.


Korean Kardashians? How? What’s the analogy?


You don’t have to think why I said that. Why do you think Kardashians are so popular. They don’t have immense talent or anything. All they do is what bp doing nowadays. I won’t be surprised if bp decides to launch a high profile series like Kardashians for their group in Korea.


When did the kardashian releasing albums lmao u just sound dumb


Ain’t reading all of that. Anyways, BTS will eventually lose their hype and popularity. Can’t wait for the next BG who will be labeled as the biggest group / or biggest boy group.


You need brain to read it. Obviously you lack it. So you don’t have to struggle for it. BTS is the most popular k-pop group. They are on top. There hype being fade will eventually have some affect on k-pop too. Not every one is going to stick on that genre.

Look like the users in here that try to make themselves believe that so when a bp achieve come all they can do is bash them
that’s all u can do :v


99.9% of active Pannkpop users here are BP antis. Don’t mind them, their words don’t matter anyways. Just enjoy watching them wasting their time writing a long ass narrative to drag BP (that me as a BP defender don’t read) It’s a pleasure seeing them mad over everything related to BP.🫶🏻


it’s just because of the songs, not their popularity. people find songs like boombayah, D4, KTL, HYLT as exciting so the mvs gained a lot of views very quickly compared to songs like whistle, stay, LSG, PWF, shut down. seems like pink venom is not as exciting as those 4 so that’s why it’s quite slow

Grace Walker

With all of BP’s, (the biggest girl group in the world), success why are they not able to book stadiums with the capacity of 40,000, and up?


Its not that hard to figure it up that its the football season, most of the stadium are booked way before


Btw toured stadiums during football season. What’s your next excuse?


Blackpink are big since they’re everywhere in shopping mall around the world while nobody remember 7 Chinese boy group lol only Asian male celebrities that recognise by people are Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee


you guys are bringing up streams but twice’s streams aren’t enough to get them to chart in bb200. they released an album at the beginning of this year’s tracking system and another one this year BUT born pink is still the number 1 most streamed gg album this year and pink venom’s USA streams is more than twice’s between 1 & 2’s album streams in the west so maybe shut up and stop token standing those flops


comments acting like blackpink isn’t the most streamed gg in THE WORLD as well but onceshits think having more streams in two countries is more than worldwide streams. talk that tank flopped and it’s okay to admit it

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Jennie is ho

Mediaplay so hard rivaling BTS in US yet can’t even past twice at US, guess jeremy and SEA not very helping at US 😭😭😭


Worry about rm flopping everywhere, got nobody talking about his solo first, jflop, jinflop next rmflop

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