Prosecutors raided Kakao and Kakao Ent over the allegations of market manipulation

On 6 Apr, prosecutors raided Kakao and Kakao Ent over the allegations of market manipulation that arose during the acquisition of SM Ent. The case will be led by the Financial Investigation unit of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the search & seizure by the special police of the Financial Supervisory Service. The FSS referred the case to prosecution after fast-tracking the investigation internally for a month.  but the Official from Kakao and Kakao Ent said that it was difficult to confirm whether there is an investigation.

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I've wonyoung

Kakao owning melon and hantei makes so much sense. The way they manipulate
Down with ive!

Now wonyoung can leave and go solo


This was brought up jyp long back and ever since then twice hasn’t charted . The next two cb after the accusation they didn’t chart only in melon . And they even stopped attending the damn show . Melon has always been shady and this is not the first time they conducted an investigation. There are chart manipulations accusations but as long as their favs chart no one cares . This is why most of the jype fans don’t care for melon .


why are you copying tmikpop’s translation without crediting them

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

it’s a user post, not by the admin.


And some people were swearing that Kakao isn’t powerful at all and any kind of manipulation doesn’t happen there
And that shady page dragging 4th gen and other groups while praising their own was dismissed with “mIsTraNslATiOn”. How tf would Koreans mistranslate their own language?
Meanwhile they were even exposed for influencing taxi or whatever it was agencies?or men signed to Kakao app directly got better treatment while intentionally worsening reviews of those who were not signed to them
If even Koreans are questioning IU plagiarisms issue not gaining any traction due to her agency shutting down any topics, what makes you think they are not capable of doing shady things?

Kpop Boomer

I hope they dig up some juicy scandalous content plz, lol

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