Pseudo success? HYBE pulls ‘combined streams’ to inflate streams for BTS Jimin

BTS leader singer and dance Park Jimin made his most anticipated debut on March 24 with his album ‘Face’. However, people are pointed out that BTS member’s agency HYBE are pulling every string to make the singer’s debut number’s are shiny.

The main track in the album ‘like crazy (English Version ) debuted with a whooping 6.6 million streams which earned its #2 on Spotify Global. However, the korean version of the song was no found where on the chart.

Even fans are pointing out that that streams got combined for a ‘payola boost’. Surprisingly the same happend with the two version of the song on K charts. The streams and the ULs of korean version and the english version of ‘Like Crazy was reflected as one on the Melon chart.

People also pointed the case of BTS ‘ON’ and Girl Group TWICE songs ( from the album Ready To BE )  which had two seperate versions, but they were counted seperatly by spotify.

Many are pointing it as a company move to inflate his anticipated debut numbers.

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Color color stan

Man haters are doing too much to discredit bts, jealous much? lol


This is NOT about bts. Bts never did that!
This is about Jimin cheating his way into charts …
Btw I’m an army but I’m beyond disappointed so do NOT associate this behavior with BTS cause again they never did that -as a group-
…wow I heard solos talking but I didn’t know it was this bad he is fr privileged even the nugu groups weren’t pushed like this. I’ll not take any of his achievements seriously this is ridicules n I refuse this kind of manipulation

Color color stan

I’m an army but– bitch you’re not an army 😂


Shut up he didn’t do it spotify did this if u have a problem go to him u knw what’s ridiculous its been happening for along time but u didn’t see it since u r not an army


bts literally did that with dynamite😭 no one is taking u seriously


Why are spreading misinfo? Dynamite never combine different version/remix into ONE. It is counted differently


Spotify merge and unmerge streams all the time. Some BTS songs who got merged at one point (some got unmerged later):
RM’s Seoul Town Road was merged with the original back in 2019.
Butter remix with Megan was merged with the original in 2021
Dreamers single ver was merged with the Fifa soundrack ver in 2022 and still is.
Dynamite single ver got merged with the BE album ver in 2020 and then later again with Proof ver, and still is.


The “merge” is only for billboard chart, it didn’t happen for spotify global chart. Also for Dreamers and Dynamite, they are the same version with same isrc code but only different album covers. Like crazy both have different codes.


Oh…we and surely BTS didn’t need an army like you. Just unstan them if you just want to blindly hate one of the members. We know what kind of “army” you are. You are either fan of other idol cosplaying as army or you are just solo stan of other members.



Internet introvert

Dingbat, that’s how the charts work. It’s always how they’ve worked. This is not new. Lord, save us from the ignorant. And we all know you are not an ARMY. if you ever were you’re just a leftover.


Ahhh u mad he outdid the 3 korean and 1 thai sluts😝😝


That skinny lesbian looking pigmin can keep offering his overused butthole to Bang pd and suck his fat dick


Saying Jimin did payola based on 2 screenshots, speculation and vibes is actually insane. This isn’t even a real article, just some person sounding off with no real facts.
You think someone who was able to move over a million copies on the first day of sales needs payola? Very silly


Someone take “payola” away from stupid kpop stans. Especially Blinks, whose group gets by far the most special treatment from Spotify. Like imagine having the nerve to open your mouth about Spotify when everyone got to stream that terrible album free for a week and they got TTH the day of release and stayed on it forever, only to barely scrape over 20 million listeners these days. 💀💀💀


jisoo is coming but blinks focus is jimin. they seriously hate jisoo


you can’t be serious this other bts akgaes fighting each other
I’ve seen jimin akgaes making re-comebacks and asking to drag jisoo when her solo drops and you are talking about blinks this is all your fandom


Fat blinks need to concern themselves with their flop album tanking even after slutpink sleeping with Jeremy oppa for stream deals


relax jimin is slut HYBE ASS

stan bp the seoul cycles

we’re not talking about pornpink here calm your tatas


All this while yall favs have many diff ver just to compete with bts solos achievements lmaooo kpop sht are so embarassing


real payola stans crying about payola. funny shit 😝


shut up blonk


The way hybe is pushing this uglee man 🤣


Blonk just cried bcs my man ended their fav’s sales in just ONE DAY!


Jimin is bongos fav. 40M playlisting on 1st day. Got heavily promoted album and all the promotions he got is never given to any other members and now this combined streams.
its better to have real success than inorganic


Oh…we know you!! Fake army or solo stan! How do u know its unorganic when armys have been supported this solo album?! I mean REAL ARMYS, not a fake like you. We did the buying, streaming non stop and listening to his music you know.


Now say that without crying.


saying that when bongo gave the fifa song to Jungkook. even fifa ceo was confused when they sent him just one member from BTS


Dont lie. They want jk only


Fifa ceo? Do you even know who is fifa ceo?

Go d!e

She obviously lied,it should be katara ceo

Go d!e

Ahaha, you’re already caught lying because that’s not fifa ceo, it’s katara. Try again 🤣🤣

Go d!e


Choose your fav btwink

Fav btwink?
Uglykook – the muscular manly twiink
Pigmin – the most aunty autotune twunk
Hagjin – not tiwnk but added to fill collage
Twinkhyung – aka slvthyung most talentless twnink


Leave jk out of this. Or do you want me to show you pics of lisman?


Just log out of internet. I think you need it. Go to hospital. I pity someone like you. You must be a pathetic loser in your real life. You have so much anger in your heart, so you choose to pour your hate on yourself to other people. I’m pretty sure you hate seeing BTS because they are young, handsome, and successful. They are everything that you want to be, but you can’t! Because you are only a loser with an ugly heart in reality.


Since comments on twitter are full of jjks i’m assuming the post was made by them. Can Jungkook do something aside from getting drunk on live so his fan can focus on him


Jk doesn’t even have any albums out now. But obviously piggy stans are more focused on the King. Go focus on your fatty dwarf and leave the real man alone


Tell me.. How does it feel knowing fully well that Jungkook wouldn’t hesitate to lit yall freaks of nature on fire just to keep Jimin warm? 🥰


Oh is jimin a little helpess being that jungkook has to protect him? 💀 I know you piggy stans love wanting jomin to be a woman but leave Jungkook alone


The way you thought you ate that shit just to sound corny and deranged as fuck, byee 💀

“leave Jungkook alone” and I’m gonna need yall freaks to listen to your own advice and stop trying to use JK as a shield for your hate bonner against BTS. Like be serious and get off the internet.

Throwing a whole pity party cause you’re personally threatened by an artist is insane behavior. ATP do everyone a service for once in your life and check into the nearest mental facility 🤗 You clearly do need the help.

Last edited 2 months ago by stfu bitch

God, what a hypocrite you are! The first comment literally disrespects jk buy ofc you ignore it and focus only jk solos. wow you are so amazing👏


Yeah, Afina, do excuse me for downvoting & not taking seriously a clear set up account who considers drinking a beer as “getting drunk” (an account that made ONE comment and RAN, mind you) and instead focused on the freak that has REPEATEDLY made disrespectful, deranging comments and has also set up Jungkook in the process cause we both can bet our money NONE OF YOU will be here to clear this mess when this shit turns onto JK later on. As per fucking usual.

Talk about being a hypocrite, huh? Guess we’re both pretty fucking amazing here 👏🏻

But don’t fret, your other comments made it pretty obvious why my comment irked you so badly — you’re one of the lewsers being thrown in the fire as well, got it.

Last edited 2 months ago by stfu bitch

Jungkook is the sweetest, he supported jimin, and did some little collab in a song on this album. He is always Jimin no.1 supporter. He obviously didn’t deserve a fucking bitch like you as fan. If he ever see your comment, trust me he would slap you hard.


I don’t think that you have any right to speak bad about jk solos while ignoring the disrespect which the first comment D


Sorry…you got no eyes? I replied the OP who commented bad about JK first. I hate those haters or solo stans. Because solos or haters both only loud in hating but giving zero supports.


Well clearly not if you’re busy camping on Jimins posts


porkooks focus on your fav depressed challenge failed


Honey, ig you don’t even watch your fave interviews, bcz of you do then you wouldn’t say the word “depressed” again when talking about jk while your fav while album being about his depression🥴


I think its you who are depressed. Bcs you got this much hate towards someone who didn’t even know you are alive! Get a doctor quick !!!! Before its too late.


I bet Jimin will kick you out of the fandom himself if he ever heard you talking bullshit about Jungkook. Jimin didn’t need a vicious bitch as a fan like you. Get tf out of this fandom.

Go d!e

What he’s doing is ending your fav solo album

Jimin Ended Kpop

Fans of a jobless alcoholic man are commenting on a man with new world records, that’s hilarious lol


Blink ego must be hurt to see jimin alone surpassed their 2 year hiatus album sales. Now i understand why YG announced jisoo pre order sales early. Thats probably the only way to flex her sales. Because by next week, all sales charts gonna taken away by jimin. So girly need to settle by jimin. Aside that, the playlists for jimin like crazy eng ver only being put after 1day. Not like bp who got whole free week stream n even tth cover. They are the most privilege artists on spotify. So, blink should not dare to being jealous with others when their girlies the most privilege.


Is this true? Combined streams?


People downvoting me instead of answering only confirmed my suspicion. It is indeed a combined streams and the one with the higher streams get the credit hence why only english version gets the mention.

Last edited 2 months ago by Guy
solo for taehyung

jimin vergonha da coreia pannchoa avisa

jjk #1

jimin is so annoying give us a solo by jungkook and we make REAL history


And now we know wo wrote this pathetic post


Who tf are you to be sooo demanding? Every member will choose their own time to release solo album. Armys just support each project. Are u gonna buy 1 millions of Jungkook’s solo album if he release one’s? If you are not, then just sit down, wait and mind your own life.


Jungkook hates you 😘

Jimin Ended Kpop

A reminder: “Face-off”(korean) had more first-day streams than “Dreamers”(full english song) in the US, it looks like pigkook is still worthless despite FIFA’s help

pretty vkook

look i don’t care about fagmin streams but is obvious is fraudulent like JINTUNA streams


Lol so you all not even pretending to translate knetz anymore.
Just downright writing bullshit


That’s because they don’t have what knetz to translate since this is an user written article. Meaning someone pressed enough came on this site just to write this bunch of nothingness, fully knowing the amount of shit that will be thrown at Jimin lol

This isn’t the first time they do this (just recently they pulled the same shit with VIBE and its’ streams) and I can bet all my money that it won’t be the last time either


the admin does not really review or do any approval for these posts tbh, I could write a post with a single dot and it will get posted just like that without the admin reviewing it just

jungkook nails #9

him flopped so hard in korean charts i have laugh about this only


He didn’t go check bfr talking


Bruh he just repeaked #8 lmao. Define flopping.

Fuck you

He go down when gp awake lol. He repeak when gp is sleeping lol


Piggy stans should worry about him rather they are worry about Jungkook. Real main character 👑


We been knew. Old man jimin is full of lies


Oh shut up bit*hes it happens all the time even bp had two versions for shut down bith of them were counted as one its not the first time spotify do it
If u have a problem then u r stupid enough to understand charts


Comparing song without collab to song with collab (ON) and being surprised why those are not counted together, like are you all dmb?????

Because one song has collab and the other does NOT have it.

This is how spotify works, or maybe Shakira also cheated on charts? 🤡

Not adding how blackpink added clean and explicit ver of albums to get double streams 🤡🤡🤡

Pathetic attempt.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ot7daechwlta

But why were Twive’s SMF versions counted seperately?


Go ask JYP


So you are agreeing that HYBE is behind the combined streams for a better chart placement?

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

armpits cheaters 🙂 pigmin nugu flop


This site is a breeding ground for toxic commentators. Be ashamed.


Can we PLEASE have a ban on fan post? 🙏

WhatsThe Point

Jungkook solo stans are so embarrassing (I know most of them are blinks) . They’re trending a # with blinks the same ones who were discrediting l&r achievements. Y’all are embarassing. And talking abt combining streams it’s not the first time this has happened. Several artists have done it and blinks should be the last people to talk abt this when the whole born pink album had 2 versions and their streams we’re combined.


The way this ONCE AGAIN comes from weirdos who use the other members as a shield against their hate bonner towards Jimin, yeah, nobody’s taking yall seriously I fear 🥱

Anyways. Like Crazy SOTY fr. Got everyone shaking, crying, and throwing up hours after its release lmaoo

WhatsThe Point

Talking abt ON as if 2 versions of ON weren’t different 💀 and released at different times. One was original and the other was a Collab unlike jimin’s album.

And unlike born pink which had 2 versions at release


Is this true?


Nahhh…! we can see behind those slandering. You are either one of those blonks or pink blood fans who is butthurt at seeing our Jimin ended your favs or You are solo stan of other members. Because a vicious and mindless words like this only came from those haters. real armys very much doing what we could to make this solo album a success. So, sit tight beech and mind your own favs.


Payola has to do with radio, yal are so stupid 😭 And last time I checked Hybe and Spotify are too different entities, if they had any say with what Spotify does then Spotify would stop filtering our streams so much 🥴

Fuck you

Payola has to do with spotify too lol. Dont be stupid. Hybe only do payola for their fav aka newjeans and this guy lol


Combining the streams of different versions is completely normal in the music industry, especially among western artists. BTS have also done this before. You don’t even know what payola means and you are using it for something like this. You people really thought that this is some sort of “gotcha” moment. So sad~

Fuck you

Umm no. Bts didnt combine it lol


Spotify did.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jopper

Which song of BTS that they combined before? And I meant this for spotify chart, not for billboard.


You are asking some very specific questions. I do not keep up with spotify’s merging process, but another user did have a few songs as an example so the credit goes to them. Merges happen all the time and it’s completely normal for Spotify.
I’m quoting them:
RM’s Seoul Town Road was merged with the original back in 2019.
Butter remix with Megan was merged with the original in 2021
Dreamers single ver was merged with the Fifa soundrack ver in 2022 and still is.
Dynamite single ver got merged with the BE album ver in 2020 and then later again with Proof ver, and still is.

Fuck you

Hybe really love this guy lol. The cant even post jk bangtan bomb, make jitb physical album, post tae fashion show/ variety show appearance, change layout for hobi, ship album on time for hobi/jin/rm, etc. This man got everything. Even got a remix and eng ver lol

Fuck you

People downvoting lol. Please explain why hybe did this to others but not him? Lol. The answe is he’s hybe fav


Touch grass akgae. You are not fooling anyone with your bitter and insecure ass.


Idk about payola but I knew one for sure he getting better push from other members release & even better than bts cb. If I search other members name on YouTube his mv comes first. On naver search other members it’s mv comes first & even on grocery shopping app & how he is not enter flo at all & work from fd.

Fuck you

He even got physical for hot100. Even Ytc didnt have it


Hybe is going all out for him and it shows who is the fav one here 😂 hyungline deserve better


Cry cry akgae.

Ladyboy lisa

Blink trying hard, don’t cry when we drag ur s1üt girls 🤣


whoa? that is kinda suspicious why would they split twice’s streams but combine the two versions of Jimin’s song? I mean newjean’s payola alone confirmed their power over spotify but this is just so blatant

Last edited 2 months ago by tfffffff

Fraud, cheating 😔😔💔 ,ten years of work and tiredness , this they get in the end this because of Jimin and company , if he doesn’t get a stream despite all this big promotion, it’s better for him to sit in his house, why do you use cheating and fraud




I need Blinks to start learning how charts work cause ain’t no way every single one of them always get charts wrong including their fanbases.

I should add that other songs have had this exact same thing done before and this done to prevent clogging up the charts.

Last edited 2 months ago by 🥀🪨🥀
Fuck you

Army are downvoting but cannot defend this man lol


Cause nobody is taking yall seriously for bringing these non-issues up. Like, defend him from what exactly? The way the music industry works? 😭

Combining English and Korean (or any other language, for that matter; cause I certainly didn’t see yall throwing temper tantrums when BlackPink’s Korean and Japanese versions were being counted as one) has been an ongoing thing ever since the beginning of times. The same thing as combining streams for clean and explicit versions.
Are yall gonna accuse every artist who did this, or who has Clean&Explicit versions, of payola? Be serious

If you’re stupid and don’t know how these things work then just say that instead of trying to play smart on pannkpop dot com of all places

Fuck you

Idc abt bp lol. Its okay for clean and explicit to be combined since its just the same. This guy have eng and korean ver. Its diff. Hybe are trying so hard to make this pig surpass jk but still cannot surpass jk lol


“Idc about BP” just say you don’t care about facts since they don’t fit your narrative and go atp, lewser.

It’s the same production, same artist, same title, same track length; the only thing that differs is the language.
Same thing with Shakira’s (per example) English and Spanish streams being merged, but yall have nothing to say about that since it doesn’t fit your “Jimin HYBE’s fav” agenda 🙄

Out here literally popping veins over something that would’ve happened regardless on the charts since all versions of a song count as one, like.. Be serious

Your “everyone is out to get my fave” act is getting quite boring cause we both know none of you weirdos give an actual shit about Jungkook. And I’ll be proven right once again when yall will be NOWHERE to be seen when all the shit yall pulled with Jimin will come right around to bite Jungkook in the end. Freaks.


You are a dumb Jk solo stan. You are an embarrassment. The success of Jk’s teammate really got ya’ll desperate enough to team up with blinks. Jimin has made several records with this album and will continue to do so.


The person who wrote this PSEUDO article is so embarrassing, and so are the admins for allowing this bs. Not only did they give away how threatened they are by Jimin, they also gave away how ignorant they are about charts.

First off, let’s make this clear: even if they weren’t “combined” he’d still be outcharting and outselling your faves. So miss me with that transparent “pseudo” success tagline.
Second, they’re literally treated as the same song on Spotify, not as two separate songs with separate streams who just happened to get combined on charts. So it really isn’t the advantage y’all think it is, and nothing is inflated. It’s one song, in two different languages.

US charts like Billboard and Rolling Stone have combined versions of the same song for years, and Spotify started doing that too a while ago. Ariana, Shakira, BTS, and Blackpink have all already done this before.

Last edited 2 months ago by Pannkpoop
uga uga

Can’t give a single fuck about these people, but i do envy their passion and efforts for charts, my fandom is lazy af.


This only happens on the first day. It will freefall in the second day. Very “organic” hehe


Blinks again? Wasn’t it enough you accused NewJeans of Payola and they debuted on the Hot 100? Unlike BLACKPINK?


ON by BTS =/= ON by BTS ft Sia
Yet to Come =/= Yet to Come Hyundai ver
IDOL by BTS =/= IDOL by BTS ft Nicki Minaj
Her in Proof = Her in LYA = Her in LYHer

Sometimes, u need to do extra work, research.

For TWICE fan, before u claim pseudosuccess, let me remind u, Interlude Dive, fucking B side debut with 1.9M streams, even higher than SMF. U are lack of streams, that’s why none of your fandom pay attention what spotify did to your fav.


But Like Crazy isrc codes are both different


Artist name & track titles ✅️
Version titles ✅️
Track length ✅️

Complaint to spotify directly and start streaming. Bighit dont even care what hanteo did to jimin, do u think they care about this green app? They dont even put the title track on “this is BTS” playlist, not even TTH. The biggest is new music friday. All jimin playlist mainly from fan playlist


But all the criterias must be identical. Complaints have been lodged, don’t you worry. I don’t want to talk about hanteo or playlist because I don’t have enough information on them.


Thank you, Captain Obvious!! Here are two other examples of songs whose streams count as one version despite having different ISRCs. Might want to start those “complaints” for them as well since you’re at that 🥰
Or do they not matter since they don’t allign with your hate bonner?

This is what happens when you rely on what oomfs said instead of doing your research — you look stupid on the internet. Have fun with that, yall up to a great start!! 🤌🏻


And your research is also based on your oomfs? 😂 Please, we all depend on what others are saying as well. What’s funny is that armys used to drag other idols for doing this but when it happened to a bts member, suddenly it’s a norm and other artists are doing it as well.


If my research was based on what my oomf said I simply wouldn’t speak on it, rest assured. Unlike others, I’m content with sticking to the things I know rather than choosing to look dumb based on what others told me. But alas.

The “armys dragging other idols for this” thing has literally never happened since this ‘issue’ has held no relevancy whatsoever up until now and was not a topic of conversation between armys and kpoppies.
Like even one of the main perpetrators of this whole argument have been slapped in the face with the fact that their girlies have also benefited off of Spotify’s merging (which they’ve been actively calling fraudulent for hours). So… who else was there for armys to ‘drag’ on this subject?

Though I would say it’s rather curious how you suddenly agree it’s a practice used in the industry after being so hell bent on ‘proving’ otherwise.. Just further confirms that yall are clearly not as interested in facts as you are in instigating hate against a person you lot have a hate bonner against.

Yall are truly horrible, horrible people. That’s all there is to this whole mess.

Jimin Ended Kpop

Seems like pigkook’s solo will be his wedding march with lee yubi




tf does pseudo even mean

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