Public opinion about LE SSERAFIM has really gotten worse

Public opinion about LE SSERAFIM has really gotten worse

11.4k likes: Singers can’t sing, what enthusiasm do they show?

4285 likes: After the press conference, I hate LE SSERAFIM even more..

4380 likes: People say don’t underestimate other people’s careers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But you can’t help but underestimate them with this skill..

2,318 likes: I didn’t understand why this group didn’t reflect on themselves despite being scolded, but seeing Bang Si Hyuk’s attitude, I understood.

2304 likes: Now is not the time to shoot Reels..

[+1319, -35]

1. [+733, -11] This is the first time I’ve felt this kind of atmosphere from idols… I feel like they’re being ridiculed even by people who don’t like idols

2. [+685, -15] F*ck, I don’t like this group, don’t care about this group anymore

3. [+613, -14] But can’t you feel it clearly? There were rumors that spread on Instagram that LE SSERAFIM would go to the festival, but they were all mocking comments

4. [+539, -9] Their image could not be returned, another controversy broke out…

5. [+439, -6] Muggles are even scarier

6. [+110, -2] Their skills aren’t good, their looks aren’t good, their personalities aren’t good either so I hate them…

7. [+105, -1] Looking at the word LE SSERAFIM makes me laughㅋ

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