Pure album sales of 2023 in the US show which K-pop idols are doing well in the US

Pure album sales of 2023 in the US

Best selling albums of 2023 in the US so far (Pure Sales):

1 Midnights by @taylorswift13 541K
2 The Name Chapter: Temptation by @TXT_members 374K
3 Ready To Be by @JYPETWICE 260K
4 One Thing At A Time by @MorganWallen 224K
5 FML by @pledis_17 201K
6 72 Seasons by @Metallica 200K
7 Face by #Jimin 186K
8 D-Day by #AgustD 185K
9 Portals by @MelanieLBBH 178K
10 Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd by #LanaDelRey 173K

Korean singers
5 Seventeen
7 Jimin
8 Suga

1. Jimin and Suga are daebak

2. Looks like TXT is so popular in the US

3. BTS is crazy even as individuals

4. Wow HYBE… Seems like they always dominate the charts overseasㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Are they only sold in the US?

6. Taylor dominates the music industry

7. Agust D is Min Yoongi

8. Wow, in the top 10 there are 5 Korean singers and 4 of them are HYBE singers

9. Bang Si Hyuk…… I’m so jealous of him

10. TWICE is doing well in the US

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We are getting this kind of articles for the nth times. Cut it off already 🤢

Guest man

There are less twice praise articles. You are just a twice anti. Stfu it’s not our problem of your faves aren’t here.

but I wasn’t done…

Album sales do not show actual popularity. Let’s see those ticket sales


Twice stadiums in the US are all sold out


And their streams and sales match
Unlike other groups who have high streams like bts and American a listers but sell worse than “flops” twice and perform in the same venues twice do meanwhile bts performs in all stadiums only

super suspicious indeed


It’s ok you can say blackpink lmao none of their concerts is sold out that’s so embarrassing


Well I’m going to say the truth. Blackpink aren’t the best performers and Twice are god tier performers. They put on 3h shows when you ‘might’ get half of that if you are lucky with Blackpink. Americans care about that sort of thing. But who cares both are rich asf anyway.

Guest man

And twice are still doing good there. So…


Honestly, where are you going with this? What was your point 😂 we all know who can sell out stadiums here


Bundlepink nowhere to be seen. Twice biggest gg in the world wbk

Guest man

Don’t mention the group who’s not here. We are not like them.


Pure album sales really isnt an indicator. You want to see the streams vs album. Or SEA numbers (streaming equivalent album units) bc you’ll see groups mass buy and have 200k sales and 1k SEA. Its quite severe

Guest man

Pure album sales atleast is an indicator about how many people in that region are willing to buy your album. Any person can stream your song. They can be your stan or not it doesn’t matter. But only a fan will buy your album and that fan is also someone who will go your concert. These pure sales indicate how many real fans you have there. Just see bts they still have the most pure sales in whole kpop in the USA and they are huge there. In ggp Twice, they were the first k-pop ggp successfully having a stadium concert in USA. and they have a high pure sale in all other ggps. Bp also have high but not that much I don’t know for whatever reason nor do I care but they also seem to have done stadium concert in USA after Twice. Pure sales is important for a group to know where they really stand in that market. And also it generates more capital for them than streams does.


nobody knows these nugus 😂 only bts are relevant there. these sales are thanks to mass buying lmaooooo

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