Ranking of K-Pop songs in Japanese Karaoke in 2022

1. Kingtan.. Jungkook also has Euphoria ㅋㅋ

2. BTS ‘Dynamite’ isn’t even this year’s songㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Dynamite is amazing

4. IVE is daebak

5. IZ*ONE is still there, daebak

6. Kep1er seems to be so popular in Japan

7. Except for BTS, female idols dominate the ranking

8. Gangnam Style?

9. Dynamite was overshadowed by its achievements in the US, but it was a super hit song in Japan

10. BTS ‘Dynamite’ also ranked #1 in this year’s Gallup

11. How are Feel Special and YES or YES still here

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If you listen to blonks/kpoppies they have you thinking bts are flops but I don’t see bp in the 2nd biggest music market… ever.

No name

Twice are literally ruling in Japan and no other female grp is anywhere near them. Forget about that so called “revolution” grp. And from this year Spotify usa results too twice came out as most streamed female grp. But these blonks and other kpoppies are also labelling twice as tanking grp and all. It’s time we stop listening to their lies.


Say thank u to the 3 members from japan, lets not act like bp released any original japan song and promote there lmfaoo


Armys are the dumbest fandom they think bp is a flop over a karaoke list. LMAOOOOOO


Es cierto es una simple lista de karaoke, todos sabemos que BP es muy reconocido pero igual blink seguramente hasta para esto les gustaría que estuvieran aquí de seguro
Es solo otra muestra de interés en un artista y su trabajo

Lisa not trans

Blackpink nowhere to be seen in 2nd biggest music market 😭😭😭 those SEA farm can’t help 😢


Ive are so famous in japan why no one is talking about it?? They are literally the best charting group there after bts and twice . They own alot of records “ the highest and longest”


4thgen records i mean

But I wasn’t done…

And nothing for Midpink


2022 bp is breaking 2020 bp records meanwhile bts can’t even break their past records, ytc and lgo flopped of the year


Esa no es canción de carácter comercial o rítmica como son la mayoría de canciones que dominan tops
Yet to come es una canción significativa que bts dejó de mensaje a sus fans por su hiatus


BTS is the only artist to be at the top in Korea, Japan, Europe and America at the same time🔥


Euphoria, all time queen 👑💖 imagine 2018 old song still ruling charts.

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