Ranking of the biggest Chinese group orders for K-pop idols in the first half of 2023

1 Aspa Karina ‘MY WORLD’ 476,043 copies
2 Seventeen The8 ‘FML’ 456,453 copies
3 Stray Kids Hyunjin ‘5-STAR’ 410,318 copies
4 TXT Yeonjun ‘TEMPTATION’ 394,165 copies
5 Stray Kids Felix ‘5-STAR’ 360,134 copies

6 Aspa Ningning ‘MY WORLD’ 309,086 copies
7 Seventeen Wonwoo ‘FML’ 301,740 copies
*8 Taeyong ‘SHALALA’ 275,271 copies (solo)
8 TXT Soobin ‘TEMPTATION’ 228,779 copies
9 (G)I-DLE Yuqi ‘I feel’ 182,816 copies
10 Aspa Winter ‘MY WORLD’ 176,253 copies

11 Seventeen Jun ‘FML’ 171,917 copies
12 Seventeen Jeonghan ‘FML’ 171,225 copies
13 Seventeen Hoshi ‘FML’ 170,369 copies
14 IVE Jang Wonyoung ‘I’ve IVE’ 168,880 copies
15 LE SSERAFIM Sakura ‘UNFORGIVEN’ 165,083 copies

1. Karina is amazing

2. Chinese people like members who have flashy visuals and look like CG

3. No BTS members there?

4. Karina’s visuals are sure to be loved in China, a beauty with big eyes, white skin and a small face that drives Chinese girls crazy

5. Sakura is very popular in China so I thought she would be in the top

6. Aespa is so popular in China

7. Wow Karina beat male idols

8. No, Aespa has sold over 900,000 copies in China alone?

9. This is why they can’t lose China

10. Karina’s Chinese fandom is really huge

11. Is Seventeen The8 a Chinese member?

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