Ranking the Korean entertainment companies that the Japanese want to join the most in 2023

3 SM
4 YG

1. Koreans also want to go to HYBE..

2. Just as I expected

3. Koreans too

4. SM is dead

5. Koreans also choose HYBE….. Even if I’m not an idol, I want to join HYBE

6. Me too

7. I want to go to HYBE and see BTS and NewJeans

8. Is it because of TWICE’s influence that JYP’s ranking is high? I think Koreans still choose SM over JYP

9. It’s because of TWICE and BTS…. For K-pop idols in Japan, BTS is #1, TWICE is #2

10. In Japan, HYBE idols are all so popular, so of course they’ll get #1

11. HYBE is the most popular in Japan

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