Rapper Swings said that he wants to date BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Swings who broke up with Im Bora… “I want to date BLACKPINK Jennie” on YouTube

Rapper Swings (Moon Ji Hoon) mentioned BLACKPINK’s Jennie as a celebrity he wants to date

Swings shouted “BLACKPINK Jennie is dating me”

Last year, Swings released this as an Instagram story

1. She already has her boyfriend, that’s rude

2. Min Yoongi is mine

3. Park Jimin is my man

4. It’s weird that he did that to a girl who already has her boyfriend

5. Mark.. let’s date..

6. Cha Eunwoo is dating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Seriously V is dating me

8. Is it rude to say that you want to date a female idol who already has a boyfriend?

9. Let’s get married, Kim Namjoon

10. I’m dating Kim Minkyu!!!!

11. I want to date Cha Eunwoo

12. Park Jimin (born October 13, 1995) is mine

13. I want to marry Min Yoongi

14. I want to marry Jungkook!!

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Jennieslut stan has boyfriends? Jennieslut busy care about other man


You both suit each other 😂 maybe after she breaks with taehyung, you’re next her man.. So happy your dream come true


No, her next boyfriend is definitely a westerner.


Lmao Seoul cycle 😂


Hybe literally called the “dating” a defamation, so I really don’t think he’s dating her. He could probably be dating someone but I don’t even think they’re from kpop industry:)


Taehyung is not dating uncle jennie ok? 😠😡

Teenaged puppy

I guess he been in the YG bathroom…


He can definitely date jennie. Girl is called seoul cycle for a reason. Becoming a slut for a different man every few months is her main job.

McDonald's Adult Cream Pie

They suit each other, should date.

Ladyboy lisa

Not that hard 😂 wait for your turn


Wait for your turn it won’t be long. But i bet GD won’t mind sharing

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