Records of Korean singers on Billboard Hot 100 of all time

BTS and BLACKPINK are crazy

I was surprised when Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to enter the Hot 100

NewJeans is a rookie group, but I was surprised that they had two songs on the Hot 100 after their debut


BTS #1
Psy #2
Wonder Girls #76
Taeyang #76
NewJeans #85
CL #94

1. Wow BTS got 1st place 6 times

2. Well, that lineup even includes NewJeans, daebak

3. They are following the path of BTS, NewJeans

4. NewJeans is amazing

5. Kingtan is a legend of all time

6. All 7 BTS members entered the Billboard Hot 100 as solo artists

7. NewJeans, we’re proud of them

8. NewJeans is daebak. Seriously, they’re monster rookies

9. BLACKPINK did so well

10. BTS are living legends

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Imagine Newjeans wasn’t under ador (created under by Hybe). They won’t get charted easily in Billboard. Min Hee Jin should be humble for once. Ok she’s behind the creative process but please without hybe name, resources and finances. Her artist would be probably known as a nugu group.


Hype want them to replace BTS that’s why they push them hard in US market with all media play to promote push them on Spotify and US radio


They really push them hard but they still not have a stable fanbase especially in US fandom which is very important and can only rely on that willing to buy and stream their music if they can’t get the high streaming numbers and play radios. Take note Hybe also releasing more Girl groups this year til next year especially under Hybe America and Geffen Records x Hybe

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They are definitely using some payola, I assume scooter braun did something with his connections

WhatsThe Point

No because I can’t fathom how a barely debuted group is getting tth playlisting and radio play better than recent BTS releases and solo releases… And the playlist reach being 150M v 600M (BTS)

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idk sometimes I feel like this is our fault too cause we’re always said BTS don’t do payola hence Bighit didn’t pay for any playlisting or radio


payola = money goes to the industry instead of artist’s pocket.
That’s the reason why BB change their rules because they don’t want BTS get all the money. Even western artist begging their fans to buy their music and not just focus on streaming and radio. If I’m not mistaken, Rolling Stone release article about that, how playlist work and how label-radio work behind the scene.


stop laying. BB change the rule to minimize the sales counted per account tho. You thought BB get money just for bbhot100 chart? lol. your oppa still get money with the stream & sales


BB got money from radioplay. U dont even read all the articles? Lol, yg stan come n say “I know everything about US”. What oppa? Eww, u think all bts fandom younger than bts?


Usually big artists still have some push. For example, yg put each rose n lisa solos in tth playlist. While hybe aint bother at all to put bts solos on tth. Same with how they not send life goes on to radio as well. People not gonna find it weird for them to do so, as its normal big artists like them in the playlists n radios. But newjeans a rookie got TTH playlist, thats clearly shocking tbh. Even ive love dive didnt get it. This is where hybe using their connection for their rookies.


I still remember how ive after like was peaking 23 on spotify global without big playlists and attention nj was like in top 100 but they put attention in tth and not ive who is in top 20??? Also nj fans were saying that its because attention song is more popular☠️


Also without hybe, mhj wont gonna get attention, hype boy. She got it because of hybe amazing connection with producers. If she under small company, its probably like triple s level kind of song only. Just okay, but not really that umphh enough to go viral. So, by few cb, probably newjeans gonna ended up like loona with huge debt. She is very arrogant. I want to know what happened once newjeans lose hype. Mhj probably about to blame everyone instead of herself lol. This woman really need to be humble.


like Newjeans probably on StayC’s level. I don’t hate Newjeans but Min Heejin kinda annoys the way she speaks like if you’re that confident with yourself and your group’s planning , why didn’t you set up your label without being under Hybe .

It’s just getting more annoying when I remembered she said other companies also approached her and ready to give her the budget like what Hybe gave her but she chose Hybe .She knows she can use the global’s advantage that Hybe have for her groups cause other companies does not have the global advantage like Hybe have rn


StayC level? stayc dont even get PAK in their entire career. armpit really mad huh at nj success. saying anything as if it’s a fact


We talking about what if newjeans debuted under small company like stayc. There is no way newjeans can get PAK that fast if they from small company that have small acc lol. Attention dropped under 65mil youtube subscribers. While stayc so bad dropped under 2 youtube acc, their own small less than 100k n 24mil 1thek. Also mhj wont get songs like attention n hype boy. She got those songs because of hybe connections with producers in the world. Thats how privilege mhj n newjeans. Like ceo, like fans both are arrogant as expected.


do you even read this whole discussion like please have some reading basic skills .

tell Min Heejin to keep her fucking mouth close and keep it cute when talking about Newjeans’ success , she’s going everywhere saying all the success is because of her , she discredited Hybe , her team at Ador and those girls themselves.

Isn’t it funny she never mention that the whole ‘ no teaser ‘ idea is from one of the members .. yeah … And also she likes to butt in every members’ videos and pictures ? Clearly she thinks all the success is because of her.

She goes every two days that Newjeans’s success is not up to Hybe like girl you’re choosing a big ass company like Hybe so you have someone to hide behind , all these interviews she did boasting about Newjeans’ success , dissociates them from Hybe and when it’s time to talk about Cookie’s lyrics and the controversial paintings and pictures, she hides behind Hybe , the company that she tries hard to dissociate from Newjeans and let her teams to handle the backlash.

Tell her to keep her mouth shut next time.

Anyway all these talks about Newjeans’ debut is not liked by Hybe wtv that is and Min Heejin apparently getting humiliated by Hybe’s higher up executives is just funny cause lots of you forgot that Min Heejin is CEO of ADOR AND ALSO she’s Hybe’s Chief Branding Officer ( CBO ) so humiliated ??? girl I have to laugh

WhatsThe Point

A BTS list💆
How legendary that all 7 of the members have charted on hot100. More to come🥂

It's whatever

Keep thinking how jk spent 18 weeks as soloist in Billboard Hot100


he needs be a feature artist to get ghat

Lazy Banana

Tons of kpop idols feature on other Western songs, where’s their Hot100 entry?


Only BTS paved the way


for fraud streaming

WhatsThe Point

Saw an article talking abt how what took BTS 7years to achieve was achieved by new jeans in 6 months💀💀 the fcking mediaplay.. well why do u think nj is even able to achieve this ?
Also not at how their fandom is teaching armys how radio works when armys are the sole reason why kpop songs are getting any radiospins at all😭


wish armys to stop defend any new groups that coming out from Hybe like just listen to them casually but don’t go out of your way to defend them or praises them that much , we did this with every Hybe groups and once they achieve some type of success, their fandoms spinning the history saying we’re the ones that hates them from the get-go sighs

WhatsThe Point

Armys bend over backwards to defend new jeans. It’s come to the point where u can’t even wish for BTS records to be safe without getting called insecure. Like all we did was say I hope BTS paks remain safe and suddenly armys are like records are meant to be broken, stop being insecure from a rookie gg? Like do yall hear ur selves? Good chunk of armys are defending new jeans over BTS


Seeing newjeans, how i wish hybe give same energy for bts solos promotion. Saw how they can easily paid newjeans for TTH playlist. For example, RM still life has high potential to blow up among gp. Its even has collab with anderson paak. Multis also a problem as well. Use bts videos to promote their other fave new songs. Most ironic one when its jimin video but its using other group new song when vibe is still new too.

Also with the way, mhj behave, newjeans fans about to be the most arrogant fanbase ever if they keep on defending her n think she always right. Plus, the way newjeans blow up right away with the girls n fandom barely struggle unlike other groups. So, the fandom not gonna know much to be grateful.

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3. They are following the path of BTS, NewJeans

in what exactly?


They are breaking records and setting new ones in just 5 months. Look at Kcharts. They are coming for Dynamite PAKS records

WhatsThe Point

Yea well if it weren’t for them debuting under BTS company they wouldn’t even see an rak


Give them until new younger gg debut. They got big since debut cause of hybe.


do u even know what BTS’s path is or you’re one of those btches i’m gonna allow to scream for me till the next year?

Lazy Banana

That’s right, it’s been only 5 months, BTS’ path was hard work, from being underdogs to being #1, where the heck is the “following the same path?” There is no same path when one walked in a muddy road and had to pave the way and the other is riding a Lamborghini on a cemented road paid for by the first one? Hmm?


You probably want nj to surpass BTS🤡. But that won’t happen. Every comeback of BTS is breaking the records on the bb charts, while nj with money and radio. Without the company, they are nothing.


bts successful as a group and as soloists


killing 2 birds with one stone. MHJ and Hybe are not only desperate to make NEWJEANS the biggest Kpop girl group but also the biggest kpop act since BTS is on hiatus, they are making the most out of it. They are pushing these girl group in just 5 months.


The biggest kpop actwhen skz and txt out there?? These girls are literally kids they are not going to role the kpop


naive of you if u think those kids matter.they can be 6 or 26.& it’s not like it’ll be the result of their talent,hardwork or sth..they’re some toys for the ones who try to make a next BTS.look how they normalized in these stupid ppl’s mind that you can release good song with no teaser,promo nothing,literally out of nowhere & top all the charts immediately when we all know damn well it’s a JOKE.let alone their music is not even the great one they’re labeling it.the push they have BTS never had.THE BTS.hybe is doing the heaviest deals/payola/mediaplay ever done in kpop & this is while they acted all this time like they’re not even able to send BTS songs’ CDs to radio stations.


Yeah but they haven’t had a stable fanbase especially in US. Let’s say their songs now are doing well in streaming and thanks mostly from “gp” but these “gp” are easily to move another and not always there for them unlike stable fans who is willing to buy and stream their music. Hybe also not only focusing on them they have to focus for more upcoming gg/bg where also will be handling by Geffen Records and Hybe America.


i wouldn’t be surprised if hybe get exposed for being the one bringing up the “next BTS” agenda.


Looking at this list you can see how big BTS is, there is no doubt who paved the way. 


Newjeans are very lucky. They got the company doing radio payola and paying playlists. Not to mention BTS is on hiatus and Blackpink will have 0 comeback this year, hence, Newjeans is going to be the highest charting kpop act globally.


Newjeans full of mediaplay, it annoys me so fucking bad.


to all people here taking their shot against newjeans, you know you guys reeks of insecurity right?

MHJ used Hybe’s resources that’s a fact but everything else is on her and the girls. It was never guaranteed that the group will go viral in 6 months.


called it insecure bitter or whatever but Min Heejin needs to keep it cute when she’s boasting like she and the statements she put out is the reason why this whole discourse even happened rn . Most Armys shut down other armys about the paks thing even before this but Min Heejin decided to come out with that interview and statements , that’s adding fuel to the fire


what is exactly this “everything else”?
funny of u calling us insecure of this gp when we can’t even differenciate them from eachother.we’re talking about the company our faves & us keep it cute cause we’re not gonna pet ur faves if you keep on bringing them up.

Lazy Banana

Lmao it’s those Hybe resources that propelled this group to succeed. If ADOR was not part of Hybe, who will give a shit? If they debuted in a new Youtube channel, they would have flopped but they didn’t cause Hybe and BTS made noise for them and Hybe’s YT channel has 65 million subs. There are great songs and great trainees in many companies but they never reach the same as groups from big 4. We all know this.

This group’s success is a product of Hybe privilege built by BTS’ blood, sweat and tears.

Grace Walker

Hybe, did not make noise for NJ’s, they dropped their debut song out of no where.

Lazy Banana

Oh puhlease you can’t be this dumb when the moment Minji and Hanni appeared on PTD’ MV the buzz as to Hybe x MHJ gg started circulating. Get some brain from 7-11.


Each cb was really a historic milestone for BTS. It’s kinda neat that this kind of can be used as a map for BTS’s organic growth in global popularity.

Bc EVERY year, ppl kept saying it was BTS’s peak year, but then we kept seeing the fandom double/triple in size in real-time each year instead. That was crazy. Anyone remember when getting 100K, or even 1M, for anything at all was “remarkable” instead of “as expected”?

Their 2025 cb will be definitely be smt to see.


Bts aka NON-BEATABLE kings. These achievements did not come easily. They never got a promo even though they still proved themselves. These are just achievements with Bangtan’s quality music. In this listing, the currency is not valid for BTS.🔥


I’m an ot7 fan. I am proud of each of the members individually🥺🥺


Mic drop longevity wad amazing.


i see how many people under the comment section are downplaying bts’ impact with newjeans’ success. we all know that if nj wasn’t under hybe, they won’t be as successful as they are now. i’m a solid bts fan and i only listened to nj’s song becoz they came from hybe, simple as that. i don’t know why people can’t understand that

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