Red Velvet fans send protest trucks in front of the SM building

1. Honestly, even if I liked the other members, Irene ruined the group’s image

2. Isn’t it because of Irene?

3. I think it’s because of Irene

4. But Joy and Seulgi do solo activities, and Wendy continues to be a DJ… Joy and Yeri also act in dramas… Do they want to do more group activities?

5. I remember when they just debuted, they became a hot topic on communities.. It’s been 10 years

6. After that incident, to be honest, I felt like the company didn’t want to invest in the group

7. Only two full-length albums in 10 years? It’s really bad, the fans have been patient for a long time

8. Is there any fandom in SM that doesn’t send trucks?

9. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 100 trucks in front of SM. They really don’t do the basics

10. They only released 2 full albums????????

11. Every time I see something like this, I want to buy a truck

12. Only two full albums in 10 years..???????? Are you crazy, SM?

13. It feels like Red Velvet is being abandoned… But it’s shocking that only 2 full albums have been released

14. There seems to be a truck in front of that company 365 days a year

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