Red Velvet Irene is the god of photocards

Irene is the god of photocards

F*cking pretty.. That’s why Irene’s photocards are hard to find and their prices are the top among female idols.. It’s not natural that the price is so high

[+198, -103]

1. [+50, -13] Irene is good at facial expressions

2. [+49, -10] Her photocards are so pretty that it makes people want to collect them

3. [+43, -35] She’s the god of abuse of power

4. [+40, -2] Even with that facial expression, she still has a fresh beauty that I’ve never felt before

5. [+32, -2] Don’t have these pictures? Personally, I like the photocards with Pucca hair the most..!

6. [+22, -4] It’s not a photocard, but a photo she sent to her fans ㅜㅜ

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