Red Velvet Wendy shocks netizens after cutting her hair short

Red Velvet Wendy cuts her hair short

1. Well, I want to go to the hair salon right now

2. Wendy is so pretty, short hair suits her so well

3. Wow, Wendy looks so pretty with short hair

4. Her hair is pretty, but I want to know her lip color

5. Wow, she’s so pretty… She’s the prettiest woman with short hair I’ve ever seen…

6. Wendy seems to have found her best style

7. Goddess Wendy is really pretty

8. She’s pretty, she looks more attractive with short hair than long hair

9. Wendy’s hair suits her so well, she’s so pretty

10. Wow, I thought it wasn’t Wendy

11. Wendy looks good with short hair

12. Wendy is so pretty these days…

13. Wow, she has the same style as me, but why is she different? I look like a beggar ㅜㅜ

14. I will take this picture to the hair salon again

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