Results of the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Top Album (Daesang): NCT Dream

Top Artist (Daesang): NCT Dream

Top Song (Daesang): Lim Young Woong

Best Record: (G)I-DLE

Performing Artist: The Boyz, Red Velvet

Best New Male Artist: TEMPEST

Best New Female Artist: IVE

Best Male Group: BTS

Best Female Group: (G)I-DLE

Best Male Solo: Lim Young Woong

Best Female Solo: Taeyeon

Best Music Video: Red Velvet

Best Hip-Hop Artist: BE’O

Best Rock Artist: Jaurim

Best Pop Artist: Peder Elias

Next Generation: DKZ

New Wave Icon: LIGHTSUM, TNX

Next Generation Global Award: PSY

Global Popularity Award: BTS

Popularity Award: Lim Young Woong

Best Style: IVE

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Happiness is the key

Onces and Blinks fought each other for what exactly? 🙄
In the end twice and bp got nothing. But who cares these two groups still top in their games. Can’t we just appreciate both groups and try not to fight for everything. Like blinks and onces were fighting more over these genie nominations but what happened in the end.
Let’s stay positive and support both ggps. Those ggps are strong and needs praises for their success and achievements and if you can compliment one why can’t you atleast congratulate the other. The survival for a women in any industry is so tough and we talking about k-pop industry over here. An industry filled up with men empowerment and all. We need to support the women who are making it on top whether it’s bp or twice and not degrade any of them. They both had worked their way on where they both are. They both are still the most strongest ggps of third gen and are still fighting in this industry.
Let’s support all women. Let’s not hate any women. Most importantly if you are a women. Women go through absolute hell in society already. Let’s not create more for them especially by involving two queens in meaningless fights.

Happiness is the key

Ppl will never appreciate good words🙄 especially these kpoppers in their little k-pop bubbles ones. When that thing will burst then you will see how much damage you have really don’t to yourself. Idc downvote me. But I will always stand with women first. And congratulations to rv and gidle for getting it. Totally deserved. Hoped gidle to get artist of the year too but it’s still a wishful thinking.


why are you getting downvoted lol


rightfully lim young woong the one who should won all 3 daesangs , his songs charting very well on Genie like that’s his app actually , his albums also sold very well , his fans are so dedicated at voting and also streaming cause his songs always on the charts and when it’s midnight , all his songs would be lining up on the charts too but oh well the judges probably don’t want to give all 3 to him


but then gma, aaa, tfma and sma are known to be attendance awards


While lyw attended GMA he should get at least two daesangs🤣

Ive the real queens of kpop

Get that trot hag away from the award ive deserves.


his fandom really has an amazing power. they’re always voting & streaming hard for him, but ngl it’s gonna be sucks if he’s winning all 3 daesang every year just because of his fandom power alone. I think it’s better if he only get one of it… it would be ideal if the artist of the year was g-idle, song of the year was ive and album of the year was lim youngwoong


saw people fighting over certain categories on twitter , honestly don’t trust those award prediction accs seriously , like just take them as a grain of salt.

Jon Xina

SM didn’t deserve a singe one of those awards lol.

So fucking transparent. No wonder all of their fraud groups and solos utterly tank outside of Korea and China, away from the SM Stans.

Ive the real queens of kpop

Sm YG jyp hybe can’t accept the fact wonyoung is ruling k-pop with China and Japan as well and also usa. IVE was the main event of k-pop this year. Like no one gave an eff about 875 floppinks dozenwice nshitty. So why keep buying awards for these flops.


sm wasted all their budget for 2023 to buy their flops these awards 😭😭

Ive the real queens of kpop

Yes nshitty 875 floppinks dozenwice are the real flop groups of k-pop this year.


or GMA giving their trophies for free to those who attended their show 😂


wtf is this lol sm rigging award as always

Ive the real queens of kpop

Yes sm like hybe YG and Jyp always rigging stuffs for floppinks nshitty 875 dozenwice. Like they should give up when IVE has debuted. Shameless.


People are so salty, hateful and prejudiced towards all sm idols. Taeyeon and RV deserved their awards. No one here would have argued this if whatever happened with NCT did not happened.

Ive the real queens of kpop

Stfu only IVE deserved it. Take your hags along with floppinks and dozenwice. And don’t come near real pretty and successful group IVE.


not rv tho. g-idle or bp should’ve been the winner

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