Results of the 36th Golden Disc Awards

Daesang Digital of the Year: IVE – Love Dive

Daesang Album of the Year: BTS – Proof

Artist of the Year: PSY

Bonsang Digital: NewJeans – Attention, Lim Young Woong – Hero, IVE – Love Dive, Kim Min Seok – DrunKen Confession, (G)I-DLE – Tomboy, Jay Park feat. IU – Ganadara, PSY feat. Suga – That That, Big Bang – Still Life

Bonsang Album: ENHYPEN – MANIFESTO: DAY 1, NCT Dream – Glitch Mode, NCT 127 – 2 Baddies, BLACKPINK – Born Pink, SEVENTEEN – Face The Sun, Stray Kids – MAXIDENT, NCT – Universe, BTS – Proof

Rookie Artist: NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, IVE

Best Group: TREASURE

Best Solo Artist: Younha, BE’O

Best Performance:  SEVENTEEN – HOT

Best R&B Hip-Hop: BIG Naughty – Beyond Love (feat. 10cm)

Best Producer: Seo Hyun Joo (Starship Entertainment)

Most Popular Artist: Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE 

TikTok Popularity: BTS

Thai Fans Support with Baoji: J-Hope

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Lazy Banana

Proof deserves. Best-selling album of the year with only 2 expensive versions.


unrelated but hey it’s been a while since I see posts by you , HYPEBOY .

Congrats to all the winners ~


how am I saying congrats get downvotes damn you people are very fullt of hatredness and bitterness


Why are there two solos and 3 rookies. That’s not best, but best, next best and 3rd.


IVE was the digital and physical rookie, New Jeans Digital, LeSserafim Physical


Wait NCT Universe? Wasn’t that released in 2021?

lee sooman

december 2021 to be exact, so it’s still in the tracking period


Ive deserve soty. Proof deserve aoty


Not nayeon in solo and between 1&2 in albums list? This is a joke


Lol best unknown group


True. No one knows Stray Kids in korea lmao.


J-Hope can only win popularity award with weird names on them lmao it feels like a consolation award πŸ˜†


bffr. is he not part of bts? lol they won a daesang


His solo is a flop so…

Grace Walker

Define flop?


Whatever his inorganic achievement is


You wanna suck my cunt so bad. Impersonating me all over this site not gonna make BP any more relevant. Hobi still carried.

Coward ass bitch can’t even stand behind your own name.


I was talking about his solo awards


it’ll be sad if he came just to receive bts’ award so it’s better like that


Only in kpop scene, random kpop fans throwing “flop”, “misogyny”, “mistreatment” without even knowing the meaning.


Don’t forget nepo baby and dozen!


My thought exactly πŸ˜‚

CeCyane 'πŸ’œReady for πŸ–οΈ πŸŸπŸ’œ'

he got the loudest cheers that night without having a performances.
His award is well deserved

I mean look at the award he won. Popularity based only.


and why does this concern you anyway like he stays rich while you’re still stuck behind computer screen probably jobless and does not receive any love from people ….

If you go to Hoseok and said ‘ hi Hoseok , your solo is a flop ‘ , he will ask you to define flop and will be laughing at you if you only said achievement stuffs like ‘ YOUR SONGS IS OUT OF K-CHARTS ‘ like he knows too well that his recent album would not be popular received by k-gps but he insisted to push it because he wants to πŸ˜ͺ but let’s be honest you’ll not be brave enough to say that to his face cause you’re a coward 😁😁😁😁


It’s cute how you think I can meet him that easily. Also, the guy can’t even pronounce “Times Square” correctly, can he understand my english? Or I need to learn hangul?


You’re right, you can’t meet him easily. The mental institution won’t allow you to get out plus his bodyguards will see a trash coming from a mile away.


You should know. Your room is next to mine.


And? I know you’re crying cause your favs have no daesang


My favs have daesang. They have a lot actually, unless they changed their name from BTS to Blackpink.


We both know BTS isn’t your favs, who are we kidding pfft. Ashamed of BP much?


Oh they are. I just think it’s funny how Hobi only gets made up or popularity awards.


No 71 daesang, no opinion.


How is a nugu group like Stray Kids winning anything??????????? This is such an attendance award


another useless “award” show

Lazy Banana

Lemme guess, your fav didn’t win? 🀭


@BTS_twt has won 5 prizes at the 37th Golden Disc Awards. Congrats! πŸ†

β€’ Album of the Year (Daesang)
β€’ Best Album (Bonsang)
β€’ Most Popular Artist

β€’ Thai Fans Support with BAOJI β€” j-hope

β€’ Best Digital Song (Bonsang) β€” That That

Dave Fee

Why was this event held the same day as the Blackpink concert. It makes no sense as the Blackpink concert hurt the publicity of this event. While I haven’t been able to find the attendance numbers for the Golden Disc Awards, I’m sure Blackpink had more attendees. Also the Venue for the Golden Disc Awards is 50,000. Blackpink would have sold out that venue. Was Lisa eligible for the Thai KPOP Award?


That’s giving them a lot of credit considering nobody thinks the gdas are that prestigious anyways. I doubt their attendance would change anything


sure blonk, your self centered ego and overconfidence are fkin amazing πŸ‘


Are you serious pfft, NO ONE except Blinks was talking about their concert in Thailand. One hashtag trended worldwide: #LisaThrillsBangkok and that’s pretty much it lol. Meanwhile, Seventeen’s red carpet appearance made #1 on the ww trend, #GDAinBKK also hit #1. “Hobi” trended #1 ww. Even a group like Enhypen made it to ww trends. Meanwhile, the BP concert made no noise lol. If this was a BTS tour, that’d be no. 1 on the ww trend no doubt.

And scoffing at GDA’s venue lol, you know nothing. GDA’s venue is Rajamangala Stadium, the biggest in Thailand. Meanwhile your girlies are performing at Supchalasai Stadium with 19k capacity. What the heck are you being arrogant for lololol. Blinks are so delusional.

exclusive offers

#LisaThrillsBangkok Perfect, Thailand loves cheap thrills.

exclusive offers

Why does it matter? Do you want Blackpink to embarrass themselves further? They cant even keep in sync in their own concerts, imagine them in a crowd of 50K and the tik tok audience – ass-less twerking is not going to save them.

Last edited 4 months ago by exclusive offers

The only place them girls can get more than 10k attendees and you’re bragging


best group should be BTS or seventeen, why they give charity to nugu tryhard group 😭


BTS and Jin’s ads save the day πŸ˜†

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